1. Remember Who You Are


I have been missing from my blog for some time. Life has certainly been happening and I have been presented with lots of twists and turns along the way. A blog post possibly won’t justify where and how I’ve journeyed the last year, so for now my intention is to simply be present with what is. It sounds great in theory and truly an art to manifest. If anything the last two years have taught us that being present is all we really have. The world as we knew it is no longer and in some ways that is worth celebrating.

What I can say is the last couple of years for me have been an absolute shit show. The lessons profound, quick and at times feel like you have fallen flat on your face with little room to breathe. I am not going to sugar coat or promote that everything happens for a reason or that the mess has become the message. To be perfectly honest everything I have once known doesn’t seem to matter anymore and all I know for certain is what is present in the here and now. What is real and what is not for each and every one of us.

What I am learning again is to trust. Disconnection to self and living in our current climate has been fkn hard (well for me it has been). I have struggled for the last 18 months or so big time and I have questioned time and time again what it is all truly about. Big questions I know and not ones that I have solid answers for. What was is no longer and what I have believed to be true and real is in fact, merely a distraction.

So for now what I feel to be real and true is to be simply in my light and darkness. I have sat in the murkiness and glory of my darkness for a while now. I didn’t rush the process, I didn’t force myself to feel better and I certainly didn’t practice positivity. In fact I did the opposite and accepted myself for where I was in those moments. The grace of time is allowing me to uncover the gifts that I am surely and slowly unwrapping, but this time I am in no hurry.

To truly surrender to what is, to remember who I am and why I am here. I am not going to profess that by any means of the imagination that I have it all worked out. Trust me I don’t, however what I do know is what exists is no longer working. I am tired of the old paradigm that we have lived in for so long and perhaps it is simply time to create a new one. A world where we tap into the ancient wisdom and inner knowing, remembering who we truly are.

With a splash of mermaid magic and let unicorns lead your way.


Sonia xxo


21. In our pain we find our greatest power. – Unknown




I was listening to a podcast yesterday and came across this quote “in our pain we find our greatest power” I totally agree. It is often with pain and torment that we find and unearth a strength that we never knew existed. I know that the some of the greatest pain that I have experienced has led me to places of existence that I have magically uncovered. But first things first how do we get to from the pain to the power? Often when stuff happens we hear “everything happens for a reason” or “it is a blessing in disguise”. I don’t disagree but what I do know is that there is a process that needs to happen before we can even get there.

When life happens and inevitably it does, sometimes all someone wants to be reminded is that they have got this and that you have their back. Sometimes the most import part of the process is to just sit in it. To acknowledge and honour the time that it takes from getting to the power from the pain. For each of us it is different. We are all perfectly unique; there is no right or wrong it just depends on how long we want to live there.

Each time we visit pain it can be different. At times I retreat, spending time in my pj’s looking very glamorous and often not having had a shower. (attractive I know). Then there is the also the angry pissed off phase where I swear a lot and have no interest in finding the gifts. What is important is that we explore whatever is going on for us at the time.  We can’t go from pain to power without visiting the places that we need to. Almost like a little holiday, well that is my perception anyway.

Too often we get told “chin up” “you will be OK” or whatever happy flappy quotes someone wishes to impart. How about we just give ourselves permission to feel whatever it is that is needed at the time. Let me be clear I am not talking about a victim mentality when we wallow in our own crap. Rather the contrary. Being responsible for our vulnerability and giving ourselves permission to visit our darkness and shadow. Without the darkness there can be no light.

So how do we turn our pain into power? I don’t have the answer nor do I have a magic wand but what I do know is that being true and real about what we feel far outweighs a superficial response. Pain, discomfort, uneasiness, anxiety are often negated as being bad and feelings that we should always try to turn around. Yes we should, but what we also need to remember is that we may need to visit them for a little while, have a cup of tea, maybe a bickie and explore what they have to offer. It is often in the midst of the murkiness that pain does turn into power. Blessed be and so it is.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day