For the last 4 or so years I have been writing a blog. The blog has usually been derived from some type of affirmation calendar. I have either purchased one or received one as a gift. This year neither happened. So we are halfway through January and I haven’t sat down nor have I taken the time to sit and write and do what I love most.  My blogs have usually consisted of turning a situation around but most importantly it is about being real, raw and vulnerable. It is not a spiritual blog that is going to make you feel better rather it is about connection.  It is not going to teach you how to be happy, nor is it going to tell you what you have to do. Ultimately that is up to you. Instead what it will do is connect you to what I am being guided to write about

When there is loss of connection to self, the cascade motion that follows can usually be of detriment. Hence when we want to tell the world and everybody in it to “go F&*K yourself. For those that know me well will know that may be a phrase that they would have heard. Perhaps not my proudest moments but it is who I am and I am forever learning. So for the last 24+ hours I have spent in my bathroom with an eloquent purging kind of virus. I am sure you can work out the rest. It has been crap literally. Call it a purge, call it a virus, call it whatever you will but what I do know is that out of every situation that is presented to us it is an opportunity to learn if that is what we want to do. We don’t have to learn if we don’t want to we can simply be stuck and continue to have the same conversations with the same situations. Boring and pretty much “go F*&(K yourself”

Now I am not suggesting for one minute that you should be going around telling anyone to “go F*&K themselves” Instead what I have recognised for me today is that when I get to this point it is  a tell-tale sign that there is something else going on. For me it is about feeling stuck, stagnant and my creative energy feels dormant. What I have learnt the best is that we weren’t meant to live this life doing it on our own. After speaking to a dear soul today I recognised what my soul needed to do. I took myself to the park and just sat. What came through was “I am open to receive” The “Go F*(K yourself” mantra appeared to dissipate. So instead of feeling stuck and stagnant a mere 15 minutes allowed me to connect to nature and I could hear my soul speak. As soon as I drove away from the park a car beeped me in the non-friendly version.  I instantly went to “go F&^K yourself” but this time I didn’t stay there I laughed.

Sending you an abundance of unicorn magic and fairy wishes





So 2016 is already upon and it has moved in swiftly with a greater force than I anticipated. Day 14 of the New Year and I haven’t had a chance to sit, be and write. Today as I turned to my affirmation calendar for 2016 – 365 Days of Word to Inspire I came across this statement- SHOUT OUT TO EVERYBODY! So here I am. This year I have decided to just be in the moment of what is. To not have to think about what it is that I am going to write but to be totally guided by what I am feeling. On one side of my desk there is a calendar of words to inspire and on the other side there is a daily quote from the ever so admirable and honourable Dr Wayne W Dyer, a true hero. But for today it is a shout out to say that my blog still continues. It is about being real, authentic and being in the moment. It will always be about living with a compassionate heart, being of service and coming from a place of love even when I don’t feel like it.

I am going into my 3rd year of blogging and I would have to say that writing keeps me sane! It is my one true outlet that allows me to be free of whatever is trapped inside of my being. It gives me so much joy! It is an expression of what I sometimes can’t articulate and allows me to be in my truth with love and compassions. It allows me to unravel the intricacies of life and most importantly it makes me accountable for my own drama.

So whilst this blog is a “shout out to everybody” it is also a reminder about self-care. What do you do for self-care? What is your creative outlet? What do you do to unleash and unburden the gazillion thoughts that continuously stream through your mind? How do you let go of the pestering natter that goes on and on. I know for me it is so important and allows me to fill myself back up so I can give to others. Whilst my purpose is about making a difference and being of service, if I can’t love myself how can I do so for others?

For me this year is about play and fun! Life can be so serious sometimes and we can get so caught up in the mundane! F(*k that! There is so much living to do. So much exploring to be had, so many places to go! So as much as I have set my goals and aspirations for the year it is also a solid reminder to have fun, be cheeky,  and reign in on some fairy fun! I know that in the last couple of days I have been having lots of belly laughs amongst the craziness and it has truly been the best medicine. So remember to smile because the world always smiles back. Blessed be and so it is. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.






79. I put my hands over my heart and express love for myself. I especially embrace my inner child, and keep it sense of wonder alive within me.

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It was the early hours of the morning before I got to bed. I had taken my mum for a pedicure earlier that night and got home and decided to start some Christmas baking before I went to bed. I was really tired but I know that when I bake it soothes and grounds me so I set out to make a tira mi su. I also made a sweet that my aunt used to make. She passed away earlier this year. Although there was some sadness I also felt really happy for her and her new found freedom wherever she was right now. I also reminisced in my heart about the lessons that she has taught me in my life. As I walked up the stairs and finally went to bed. I literally placed my hand over my heart and felt so bloody grateful for all that I was able to fulfil in one day. I had also been to a funeral earlier that day so I appreciated the contrast of life and death. I was filled with gratitude for my mum and having spent time with her. I had spent the afternoon with colleagues organising presents for children who otherwise would not have received any. I have shelter, an abundance of food, clothes and my health. I felt love.

Christmas brings about so many mixed emotions for people and I know I have personally whinged and moaned about the amount we consume each year and the crazy energy that is associated with Christmas. I have felt shitty, tired emotional and have already eaten way too much. So I am really grateful that I have taken the time to stop and reflect about what it is that I am truly grateful for at Christmas time and to remind myself about my inner child and the magic of Christmas.

As a child I loved receiving Enid Blyton books and “The Naughties Little Girl in School” series was a hit as far as I was concerned.  God I loved books and reading so much. It was literally a world of my own where I was fully entrenched in every morsel of the world I was reading. So today as I write and reflect on Christmas Eve it is certainly about finding and retrieving the wonder and excitement of what Christmas is truly about.

Tension is high especially at this time of year and it is easy to get caught up in “stories” and “drama. I know it all too well. What gift is truly precious is to just be in the moment of the magic and miracles that surround us at each moment. I was just speaking to a friend earlier and a white butterfly flew by as we were chatting. These are the gifts of magic and wonder that in our ever so busy lives we miss and life fleetingly passes us by.

So thank you to my writing and to me for taking the time to sit and write today,  to be reminded about the child like awe and wonder that is alive within us all. It may take a while or not to feel it but it is certainly there. Or if you are being a Grinch be a wondrous Grinch. Be whoever you would like to be. I put my hands over my heart and express love for myself. I especially embrace my inner child, and keep it sense of wonder alive within me.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.




My life is joyously balanced between work and play.


The irony of this affirmation is that it is like a big fat red siren is going off to tell me that there is no balance between work and play for me right now. That is not to say that I all I am doing is working rather in my down time there is not that much fun going on. The last week has been flat and a bit blah for me. I feel like my energy has been zapped and whilst my work is something that I love it is also at a crossroads.  An interesting time for me to say the least and it feels like I can completely reinvent whatever it is that I want to do. At least for most of the time this is what I want it to feel like. Instead big fat ego tends to take over and I go into worry mode. We all know what good worry does. (BIG FAT NOTHING!) It gives us a headache, does not allow up to be in the moment and worst of all we miss the miracles and beauty that life has to offer as we are so preoccupied with what might be.

So last night I decided to ground and surrender my feelings of worry and scattered thoughts over to the angels and universe. I went to a group mediation session and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. More importantly it was fun! Far out life can be so serious sometimes and I definitely need to make sure that I am taking time out for me to have fun! Funny or not is that we have to remind ourselves that we need to make sure that we have fun. Sounds ridiculous but hey no judgement going on here.

Each month the affirmation calendar that I write from has a quote for the month. For July it reads “This month I look for ways to prove to myself that I unconditionally love and appreciate who I am. Oh this is going to be fun!” There we have the theme of having fun and play come up again. It also came up in my meditation last night so I know that there is no coincidence that I have received this message twice in less than 24hrs. I am sure that the bowl of sugar in the coco pops that I just ate did not indicate that I love myself unconditionally but none the less I enjoyed every snap, crackle and pop! What this does remind me about is to be gentle and loving and to know that it is an awesome time to go over my goals, dreams and wishes. What better time than on a full moon. I have just written a letter to the universe to surrender any obstacles and challenges that are associated with the future. It I keep worrying about it then I will simply attract more worrying situations. So I am getting off the worry train and getting on the fun train! Part of loving self unconditionally is to know that although there may be times where I may feel flat, that I am as we all are imperfectly perfect. My life is joyously balanced between work and play. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.

Huge love