I trust in the Power that created me to protect me at all times and under all circumstances.

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I could not have believed this more than I do so right now. I have been doing some casual work in Child Protection in the last week. To say the least it is an environment that may not be conducive to most and at times when I have told somebody what I am doing their reply “I could not do that kind of work” Each to their own is my theory and I know for me it is not an area of my life that I could be involved in on a full time basis but for now I am enjoying the experience for what it is. What I do know in this particular scenario with two staff members and a 14yr old child I have had faith and trust that the power that created me will protect me under all circumstances. Week 1 and I have had an amazing week. Sure we can turn our heads and we can pretend that this world doesn’t exist but it’s real and it tugs at my heart strings that such a little person has had so much destruction in their life.

Today I read a Facebook status that was along the lines of “let’s bring back corporal punishment for paedophiles etc” Every person that commented agreed. My response was “Perhaps we should put effort and resources into prevention rather than reacting to the crime” Please don’t think for one minute that I condone any of that behaviour and yes I agree to punishment.  The debate for me is not necessarily about corporal punishment. Instead for me it is about that for most of us as human beings we see the other side. We easily forget that the person that has committed the crime was once a 14 yr. old child, who through not fault of their own has ended up in such circumstances.

I know it is a tough one and for those that have been affected by any such a crime it is not OK and there are no excuses but killing them won’t fix it either. The cycle of troubled and damaged childhoods needs to stop. Love, loyalty and respect for each other need to intensify to perpetual levels so we can feel the grace of goodness upon us. If this doesn’t happen we will only seek revenge instead of compassion and love for human kind.

By all means have your opinion and feel what you have to feel. This is only my perspective so take with it what you will. All I know is that I have witnessed and felt humanity, compassion, love and respect at its best in the last week, from staff that protect and care for a much damaged young person. They go to work in the face of adversity each and every day and have complete trust that they are protected. As far as I am concerned a HUGE heart, integrity and lots of love comes with that kind of trust. I trust in the power that created me to protect me at all times and under all circumstances. Blessed be and so it is. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.




188. Feed Your Heart

I nurture my heart and am compassionate towards myself. I reassure it gently, promising my intuitive guidance in every relationship. My angels protect me in all ways.


The more I open my heart space and trust the more I know that I am divinely guided by my own heart and intuition. I has set out to write this blog a few days ago and didn’t. Now I feel why. As we all wake to the siege in Sydney, the loss of lives and the absolute terror of the ordeal I am also aware of what some of us may be feeding with our own thoughts and feelings. With such an event occurring so close to Christmas it brings the feelings to even more a forefront. It is beyond devastating but you know what shit like this happens every fuckin day in parts of the world and for most of the time we are oblivious to it! We are so far removed from it that we only remember to pray for peace and harmony when it is our own backyard.

Are we acting from a place of peace and love each and every day of our own lives? Do we speak to our neighbours, are we kind to our ex husbands or wives, do we even speak to our own family members? Yet we expect there to be world peace when we can’t even be peaceful within our own hearts, immediate family and community. This is not about blaming but let’s wake up and take some responsibility as a whole rather than blaming the government, other religions or each other for the devastation and injustice in the world that we live in.

People are dying of world hunger each and every day yet we throw away bucket loads of food. Animals die so we can have beauty products yet we don’t seem to flinch. Families are dying all over the world because of political unrest, yet a man kills a couple of people in Sydney and all hell breaks loose and rightly so. I am in no way shape or form paying any less attention to the lives that will be affected forever because of this, make no mistake it is gut wrenching, rather what my heart is feeling is that this is the level of awareness we should have each and every day of our lives.

What comes to mind as I conclude my blog for today is one of the commandments; irrespective of what religion its association is “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” This phrase is so simple yet so profound. What I encourage today is to feel what it is that you have to feel but recognise that peace and love is a place where we ought to be coming from each and every time. Yes tell your family you love them and hug your kids a little tighter but more importantly extend a gift of kindness or a random act of love to a complete stranger. Send your enemy, ex-lovers, those who you are in conflict with love for this is where true harmony begins, justice prevails and peace occurs. My world is filled with love. Blessed be and so it is, so it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.



174. Trust Yourself


I trust my gut feelings and listen to my inner wisdom. I take steps back on the messages that I receive. I have faith in myself, knowing that I am continuously guided by the love of God.  

The last six months have taught me to trust myself more than what I have even known in my life and it is such a beautiful thing. There are still times when ego comes in the way and rears its ugly head and likes to f*&K with my mind but only for as long as I allow it. Once I am able to recognise if it is my head or my heart that is speaking to me that I can trust what is going on for me. Moving from my head to my heart has been one of the most liberating tools that I have ever been able to learn in my life. It is so magical and fulfilling. That is not to say that I never get in my head space but you know what it drains the crap out of me now! I have recognised this more so in the last few days more than I ever have and it gave me a headache.

What this also tells me is the situations and people are not worth the drama or the stories that are attached to them. That is not to say that I don’t take responsibility in any part because I do and acknowledge what this means for me. Hindsight is wonderful but has no purpose in life in talking and regurgitating about the “what ifs” or “should haves”. What I recognise is that my gut feelings are there for a reason. It is our compass and how we navigate our way. So having ignored these gut feelings in the past has led me to the situations that I am in today. That is OK because everything is presented at the perfect time.

As life unfolds you learn more which one may say is inevitable. So as I am writing about trusting myself I know that there is such a freedom to simplicity. I feel that in life we analyse, mince it, turn it around until it gives us a headache and drains the crap out of us. The last few days have unveiled another onion layer which plucked itself out of nowhere. None the less the layers unveiling are awesome no matter how crap they may feel at the time. Something eithers feels good or bad, it is easy or hard. The simplicity of such actions allows us the freedom and grace to live the lives that we choose. Why we would do something if it makes us feel bad? Yet time and time again there are so many instances when we put ourselves in situations that do so. So for me knowing that I am in my heart space is about listening and trusting to what I know is truth. I listen and trust my inner wisdom and allow guidance to be heard clearly. Blessed be and so it is. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.