2. I release all guilt and emotional hurt. I am free.


I caught up with a friend while I was in Melbourne last week. Her brother passed away last year and her life has been turned upside down inside out in a way that she never imagined. We all deal with life differently. For now she is doing the best that she can with the challenges that she is experiencing. It is easy to be positive when life is going the way we would like it to be. But what about when life takes twists and turns and we are left in a place that we have never known before. Yes we have been told that every painful ending turns into a wonderful beginning but there is a lot of stuff that needs to happen before we get there. My friend and I chatted. We didn’t laugh and reminisce like we usually have; instead we sat in a place of our friendship that we have never been before. It was about being raw, vulnerable, and in an authentic space of pain and grief.

Would I have dared say to release your guilt and emotional hurt, you will be free. Not in a heartbeat. She is nowhere near ready to move on from the place that she is in and who am I to tell her otherwise. What we did laugh about was all the advice that she has been given to supposedly “move on” from where she is at. For now she is where she needs to be for her and her growth. That isn’t to say that it isn’t heart wrenching to see my once full of life, funny, animated friend in a way that I haven’t seen her before. What I do know is that I can simply be there and hold a space for her when and if she needs. I can’t take any of it away for her and a positive affirmation certainly isn’t going to fix anything.

So why am I choosing to write about positive affirmations about something that doesn’t feel positive at all. What I find to be true and real is the grace of how we deal with what is presented to us in life. How we overcome the obstacles that seem way too high at the time? Are we still kind and caring towards others? Or are we an angry asshole? It is all good and well to have positive affirmations floating around and sure I don’t disagree that a positive mindset is paramount to our lives. What I am most interested in is what happens when we are in the pits of our dismay, how do we respond to the world with the tools that we have? If there is no awareness to self or personal responsibility this process increasingly becomes more difficult and our “stuff” comes out in ways that is not healthy to self or those around us. So be and do what you need for you at the time and above all be kind. #2020#CREATE#connect2createchange#

With a splash of mermaid magic and let unicorns lead your way.


Sonia xxo

3. Be the change you want to see in the world – GHANDI


I have been working the community services for the last 15 or so years. I have generally loved the jobs that I have had and have always done them with passion and purpose. That is not to say that I am a bag of roses each and every day when I go into work.  In fact some days are led by frustration and systems that don’t necessarily work and choose to keep people stuck. This blog isn’t about politics or the system rather it has come from a place of sheer frustration that requires some change.

My positions have ranged in aged care, mental health and disability. Funnily enough just over 10 years ago I worked for the same organisation in Melbourne that I am now working on the Gold Coast.  Funny or not I feel like I may have very well come full circle. Sure some things may have changed in terms of the way services are delivered but the same issues are still persistent. This is most definitely not a political rant although I am sure I could very well go there.

I have been frustrated at annoyed at what I like to call “the system” for such a long time and for a myriad of reasons. The main one being is that at the crux of it there seems to be a loss of connection with the people that we are providing a service for. My feeling of frustration and somewhat resentment comes from the conversations, the struggles and the issues that are presented when we are working with vulnerable people. This isn’t isolated to one specific event or organisation rather my personal experience and reflection when working for a service and also in receiving one.

My younger sister lives with an intellectual disability and my primary passion for being able to work effectively within services and “the system” has arisen from her. In saying that I feel that my life work is about social justice and allowing everybody to have the choice to live their life in the way that they choose. This is not to say that places and organisations do not exist, instead what it means is some of my experiences continue to be the contrary.

So do I continue to complain or take action and make a difference? I know that doing what you have always done, always gets you what you have always got. I don’t have the answers nor do I have the solutions right now and I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. However what I do know is that I can’t keep complaining about it. We all have the ability to create change. So for now I am putting it out there, doing some research, asking questions and most importantly reaching out. Our universe needs so much love, connection and personal responsibility right now. Mother Earth is suffering, we lose someone to suicide every 4 hours, 22 fathers take their lives every week due to parental alienation and today I learnt about the loneliness epidemic that exists in our world as a major health issue. Be the change you want to see in the world. Blessed be and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.





24. Love is the most important thing to give, regardless of the circumstances.


There seems to be a lot of discussion about the recent elections and new president of America. No, this is not another post or blog about what Trump has said or done. Quite frankly he no longer interests me. Instead I can actually sit and write about what he taught me in such a short amount of time and I am grateful. I refuse to give him any more air time or power. I was in a bakery picking up some chocolate for my dad’s birthday when I heard the news that he had won. I shuddered and tried to extrapolate it from my mind. I was on my way to my dad’s celebration dinner and I didn’t want to let the news dampen how I was feeling.

Later that night as predicted it was all over Facebook and the distaste and disharmony spewed onto my newsfeed. That is except for a few. There was an extremely funny comparison to a dinosaur cartoon that he eerily resembled from the 80’s. Most importantly there were other perspectives on the recent result of the presidency of America. First things first it was about owning the shadow within us. Trump only pushes our buttons because there is a trait that resides inside of us. Feels uncomfortable I know, but if you were to be really honest with yourself I am sure there has been a snippet in time where you may have been racist or ignorant towards somebody or something. I know there have been times in my life where I have had made judgments on others. Not entirely proud of it but our shadows allow us to seek truth and grow.

The other perspective was about stepping up in love. If we are hurling abuse at him are we not just as bad or distasteful as he is? Please let’s make no mistake; I am not a fan of Trump. What I can say is that he is teaching me who I am not. I want to be able to see or hear about him and not feel triggered. Instead I want to create and feel more love and compassion for the world that we live in. There is one thing for sure the world needs a whole lot of love right now.

What if Trump is showing us what it is that we need to be? If we don’t want to be like him, then who do we aspire to be?  What if we aspire to be the best version of ourselves? What if we stopped looking outside of ourselves and know that the answers we seek are already within. To know that there is no guru or leader other than the one that resides inside of who we truly are. What if it is about stepping up in love, compassion and integrity? I know that I have been able to shift my perspective about the election because I don’t want to waste this one precious life feeling insecure about my future. Instead I want to be able to turn it around and follow my bliss. Love is the most important thing to give, regardless of the circumstances. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.





17. That we breathe, that we showed up on this planet, that we communicate is a miracle.


I have been speaking to a friend in the last few days about life and what it all means. You know the kinds of conversations that you tend to have with a loved one where you are going to save the world. When I looked at the statement for today I breathed a sigh of relief because it fell into sync beautifully with what has been a theme especially in the last few days.

We are such a busy, time driven robotic society that sometimes we simply forget to show up. By this I mean we can be physically present in a place or time but what we fail to do is to be present. We can have a gazillion other things going on in our minds at exactly the same time. What we seem to dismiss time and time again is the miracles that surround us each and every moment. Stop for a moment and look around. Are you in your home? Are you on a phone? Are you surrounded by loved ones? Are you clothed? Are you warm? Are you having dinner tonight? Are you breathing? Well I truly hope you are breathing otherwise I am chuffed that you decided to tune in from the afterlife. In just a few moments are you able to feel and nourish the blessings of gratitude that surround you at this perfect time.  Is it perfectly imperfect?

I was speaking to a client today about depression and anxiety that was going on for them. We fight so hard to dismiss these feelings. It is not until they get us to a point in which we can no longer function that we tend to do something about it. As humans we try so naturally do anything but feel. We are not afraid to feel happy or blissful yet we navigate so harshly to deflect what we perceive as painful or too difficult to deal with. What is we just sat in our stuff and worked out why we got to that place in the first instance. We may not work it out straight away but allowing is far better than shovelling under the pile that has already existed for so long.

So rather than being so harsh and depreciating on ourselves for not having done this or that, how about we just take a moment to honour ourselves just as we are. To show up and to be real and authentic in whatever it is that we are doing. Whether it is walking the dog, buying milk, taking out the garbage, running a country or whatever it may be, just be you. Rather than dissembling ourselves into fragments that we no longer recognise perhaps it is time to stop, breather, and show up and communicate, for this is the true miracle of life. Blessed be and so it is. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.




80. I am spirit, light, energy, vibration and love.


As the end of the year fast approaches it is an opportune time to reflect and as humans we want to start fresh, create new goals, and take a new direction. This year for me was filled with many life lessons, some were awesome and some were filled with pain and grief. Friendships severed and new ones have blossomed. New jobs have taken place and old ones have ceased. Family members have left our realm and new ones are being born. It is all part of being spirt, light energy vibration colour and love.

When I feel into what the year has been for me it is especially about growth and grief. I never really felt that the two could coincide but they have. What brings great comfort is feeling that our loved are also spirit, light, energy, vibration colour and eternal love. They never really leave; I believe they simply take on another form. They leave us messages and signs and it is what we learn from these experiences that live in our hearts forever and then some.

Our human bodies are simply a vessel in which we travel around from lifetime to lifetime. We are neither our bodies, nor the colour of our skin or the shape or size that our human form takes on. Rather it is what is inside of us that make us who we truly are. On that note what I also remind myself to understand is that we are all the same.  This is particularly important when we have differences with another or when a drama has presented in our lives. We were all born from a being of light, energy, vibration and love. It is what we have been taught along the way that has allowed us to be the beings that exist at this moment.

At times we are ravaged with stress, drama, pain, grief turmoil. The list can go on and on. That is not to say that these feelings cannot exist. Of course they can and they do. Instead it is how they play out in our lives. We can manifest in the turmoil and the angst of the situation, or we can understand that we are all the same and leading to a path where we are able to return home to love.

I have had quite a few situations this year where I have been challenged by drama. It is a work in progress and compassion would have to be my biggest lesson. Sometimes it is the lesson of letting situations and people go and this can be really tough. It is to love yourself enough to know that you are worthy living a life of magnificence and bliss. The bumps and turns along the way make it an interesting read but it is important not to get caught up in the story. I know for me this affirmation is an awesome reminder to truly let go of the drama of the year that I have been hanging onto. It doesn’t mean that the action of another is less painful rather it is understanding that we all learn at different times and you choose how you wish the story to unfold. I am spirit, light, energy, vibration and love. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.


HUGE love