68. I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.


This is certainly an affirmation that I am excited to write about. I know that it is an area of my life that has felt really overwhelming. Instead of writing about the lack of what has been happening I am going to begin to choose to create really different thoughts for myself. On the weekend I had some friends come and stay. We caught up and spoke about what has been happening in our lives. It wasn’t until one of my beautiful friends pulled me up and told me how much I made comment about “not working”.  I know that this has been on the forefront of my thoughts of late but had not realised how much of my precious energy it was actually consuming. I have so much to be grateful about! The abundance in my life is plentiful but yet there have been times where I have focused on what is not instead of what is.

Human beings can be such complex creatures and we often complicate things way beyond anything that is conducive. We tend to analyse the crap out of it and then we exhaust ourselves with our own thoughts. Far out I can feel the energy leave my body as I write about it! I had two separate conversations today and there was a common theme between them. I love the way the universe works and it was a solid affirmation that allowed my light to shine that little brighter.  So although the affirmation today is about being open and receptive to new avenue of income for me it is also about looking at my current situation in a completely different light. I can either see myself as “only working part time” or “just scraping by” but instead I can turn it around and really embrace the abundance and freedom of time where I can really explore any avenue I choose. I have known this on some level but the difference today was that I actually felt it and believed. Earth Angels do appear at the most opportune times and it totally helps when you are in the moment.

We are not meant to walk our path alone and that is why communities are created. Being connected and feeling a sense of belonging in paramount to our lives. So often we perceive our vulnerability as a weakness but instead it is such a leap to strength. I am so grateful for the conversations that I had today and especially to a friend who saw straight through “my bullshit” and took the time to find out to make sure I was OK. I was reminded to be in my heart space and to really listen and feel. It was just the message that I needed to hear and my energy restored to a place where I felt the magic appear.  I am open and receptive to new avenues of income. Blessed be and so it is. Namaste

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.