35. I am patient, tolerant and diplomatic. My words and actions are healing.


Well the first thing that comes to mind when I read the affirmation for today is “You can take a girl out of Reservoir but you can’t take Rezza out of a girl” (whatever that may mean). What it does mean to me is there are times where I can be completely feral and my words and actions are far from healing. I can be the sweetest of flowers and on the flipside I can act like an angry bull. For most of the time I am smiling and I love the world but low and behold there are also the moments when I am full of drama and a little crazy. After all I am Italian :)  What I have learnt to recognise is that these parts are all of me, good, bad and ugly. These are the shadows that I have now learnt to embrace.

Too often we try to shy away from who we really are. We are afraid to be vulnerable, we have a fear of being exposed if we are seen to be acting too sad, happy, angry or whatever. It’s time to get real and just be who we were born to be. Obviously we all need to be responsible for our actions. I am not suggesting that we go on an angry rampage, or live out our secret demons of wanting to sometimes punch people in the face. Instead what I am saying is that we just show up! Show up in your full integrity and authenticity and just be you.

We can be so afraid of not being accepted into whatever so we put on different layers and masks to “fit in”. The true essence of who we are and what we were born to do diminishes and we detour from life. Trust me I was great at this for a lone time. Almost 20 years in fact  (yup sometimes  it takes me a while to learn lessons) I was in relationships where I believed if I just did this or  that I would be loved and accepted more. Guess what it didn’t work. It is not about blaming the other person in fact my past loves are my greatest teachers and I only have universal love and compassion for them. (possibly would have liked to punch their face at some point, but I didn’t. LOL).

My most valuable lessons are that I am awesome and beautiful by just being me. My greatest relationship is the one that I have with myself. So when I reflect on the affirmation for today it is about firstly being patient, tolerant and diplomatic with my true self.  For when I am in the perfect relationship with me, it transpires onto everything and everyone else that I am in contact with. I am far from perfect in fact I am imperfectly perfect! What I do know is that each day is a new beginning and life is right now. I am patient, tolerant and diplomatic. My words and actions are healing. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.