22. “Be the light that helps others”


I am on my way to Melbourne for Christmas. I have been living on the Gold Coast for almost 6 months now so being at home with my family feels especially important. It is not to say that I haven’t appreciated every other year but distance has certainly given me another level of appreciation. I just watched one of our family movies. It is a compilation of pictures composed to some music. It is about 5 or so years old and so much has changed. What I am immensely grateful for especially is the connection that I have with my abundant family.

I can’t help but reflect on those that at Christmas feel terrible grief and loneliness. I feel my aunt and uncle who can’t spend Christmas with their daughter since she completed suicide. This will be another year, or perhaps the first for so many that find Christmas extremely difficult and sad.  I am not here to fix it or to say that I have a magic wand or an answer. What I do know is how important connection and family is especially during these times. The definition of family is different for everybody. It is what we are connected to that matters most. As I flick through old pictures and movies I am overwhelmed with the connection of my loved ones and find immense gratitude in all that I have.

I find Christmas to be such a double edged sword. I love the connection and prosperity but I don’t enjoy the amount of consumerism that we tend to indulge in. What is highlighted for many is the disconnection that can sometimes avalanche into a deep slump. This year especially I feel that there is so much more to do in this space. We can’t force people to connect but what we can do is live from our hearts where connection is truly felt. I know for me this year I have spent a lot of time in my head. It hasn’t been pleasant and is a guaranteed brain drain. The Gold Coast has certainly forced me to slow down and be in the moment. Living in another state from my family and friends, means that connection is more important than what it ever has been.

There is an opportunity to learn from everything in our lives.  Personally it is often the most painful of situations where the greatest learning arrives. Doesn’t make it any easier but instead finding the gift is the treasure amongst it. So for now I have no grandiose way to make anything better or different. I am however reminded that connection and community is what life truly is about. I work in the space of suicide prevention and the statistics are shattering. There is no magic wand but there is however a zero suicide strategy.  The fundamental principles of humanity is one in which we are all responsible for. It is often the simplest of acts that can be the most profound. You never know where the lessons will unveil.  As I thanked mu Uber driver for his mints, water, comfy car, cool conversation and music, he remarked “it doesn’t take much to be human” He is absolutely right!. Be the light that helps others. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.





4. “Love leads us home”


This saying has popped up a few times in the last few weeks. So when it came across my vision the other day I took it as a sign to “blog” about. When life is moving along with all things happy and daisy chains it is relatively easy to come from a place of love. It is when life throws us those curveballs and the hurdles present that leading life with an open heart can pose a little more difficult. This is where the real challenge lies. Well it does for me anyway. When I am angry, frustrated or sad I can throw love right out the window. Hopefully it is not too long before I pull over and pick up where I left off.

Yesterday I was reminded about living love with an open heart. Interestingly enough it was a tragic event that allowed me to really feel it. I can be quite oblivious about current news events. I don’t read the paper nor do I watch the news. I do however believe that when I am meant to hear something I will. I was at mums and dads and the news was on. The images were sprawled across the TV. The screen was filled with children fighting for their lives. They were choking and lying lifeless on the ground whilst parents scurrying with their limp child in their arms in the hope to save them. It was utter fear and havoc. The images were horrific beyond belief and ones that as much as I wanted to turn away from I couldn’t. There was a chemical warfare in Syria and the devastation continues to transpire on a daily basis. The loss of humanity is unbearable.

I later posted the clip to Facebook and of course it brought up a lot for stuff for people. Naturally it would. There was blame, sadness and not wanting to watch the horror that was presented. It is not about judgement. It is not about being right or wrong about what one person feels to the next. Rather for me it was about the quote that I came across. How does lead us home when there is so much injustice? How do we stay in a place of love when all we are exposed to is such a cruel and inhumane loss of lives?

What I do know is that I was a lot more conscious of my own thoughts. I didn’t feel like going into blame, nor did I go to an angry place instead I turned it around and thought about what can I do differently? Sure I can’t get on a plane and physically be in Syria and to be perfectly honest nor do I want to. Instead what I can do is to create more peace in the world that I live. After I posed the clip a friend suggested a “prayer\mediation” night. Perfect as a collective we are far more powerful than as individuals. It is only through love that we can conquer otherwise we are in the same vibration as the act itself. Whilst it is tragic beyond comprehension, I don’t want to waste time or energy that serves no purpose. Instead I can turn my attention out and create more peace and love. It is the true essence of love that leads us home. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done.


With a sprinkle of love and may magic follow your day,


HUGE love



22. Beautiful Unknown



Today is the last day before I fly out back to Melbourne after having spent almost three weeks in Cambodia. To describe what this time has meant to me in words would do it no justice, instead an immense avalanche of feelings and the great desire to be of service in greater capacities.  To be in alignment with compassion and integrity for we are only here for such a short precious time. One of my most profound lessons is that when you are on purpose and in service nothing else really matters.

There are mouths to be fed, clean water to be sourced and the basic human right to live hygienically. Unfortunately this is not the always the case and the injustice prevalent. I could sit here and write about all the injustices that are served but this could possibly quire dramatic and a little boring to be honest. I would much rather be working towards the difference that we can create no matter where we are in our world.

There are so many times in life where we feel we need to have control of this or that. Whether it is in our personal relationships, work or how we structure our day to day. To be perfectly honest I find this totally boring. Make no mistake I have known what it is like to feel like you are losing control of everything that was once was. It’s scary and surges anxiety throughout your entire being. What is scarier is staying the same. Surrendering is such a gift to self and one that I continue to learn.  I have learnt that what scares me the most is generally what leads me to where I am meant to be. Fear is not real; it is ego based and only holds us back from infinite potential.

When we hold ourselves back from the life that we are meant to be living the only injustice is to ourselves, our growth and our life. What if there were no second chances? What if we truly felt that all we had was right now, that the past has no power and it has no relevance. What if we cut out all the drama and crap from our lives and used that energy towards precious humanity. What if we put our arms together to feed the hungry children? Or to make sure that humans are not dying from drinking poisonous water.  Imagine not having a shower or toilet or knowing if there is a next meal. Imagine not having the funds to take your child to the doctor let alone purchase medical supplies. Imagine this for just one moment.

This is what I witness each time I come to Cambodia, so much of it and so prevalent. I can’t live in my head about this and deal with atrocities of what it all means yet I can make a difference no matter where I am in the world. For when we are in alignment and connect to what is real is where the magic truly happens. The unknown is truly beautiful. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day




19. You are at once a beating heart and a single heartbeat in the body called humanity.



I am in Siem Reap Cambodia at the moment working with Head Heart and Hand Holidays. It was quite early when I was woken up my music. It wasn’t the soothing sound of the monks chanting, rather a combination of celebratory fast paced music that kept playing in my head. So instead of feeling frustrated about not being able to go back to sleep, I decided to make the most of my time and write my blog for the day. There is no surprise that it is perfectly aligned with my time in Cambodia and funnily enough the music has provided me with a rhythm to write. Just like my favourite quote by Dr Wayne Dyer “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

The affirmation presented today could not have come at a better time and I love the flow and magic that life offers when we truly allow ourselves to feel. This is now the 5th time that I have travelled to Cambodia and feels like home as I soon as I walk off the plane to the tarmac. The tuk tuk ride on the way to my accommodation is the best feeling ever! I love my time here and the way it makes me feel. There is simplicity and freedom that I have nestled into and I am so grateful for such an impoverished country that ironically has given me so much richness. A richness that cannot be bought rather allowing the lessons of life that can only be felt through learning and truly accomplishing the success of failure.

We are simply a reflection of the world we see. Sure there is poverty and mouths to be feed but there is also so much love, community, compassion, integrity gratitude and simplicity that I learn from the most. It is never easy to know that so many people are not able to eat or receive simple medical attention or that they may never receive an education simply because of where they are born. The injustice used to feel like it was suffocating me. Now there are lessons learnt, although I still feel the injustice I just choose to deal with it differently. It is not just about the work that I do in Cambodia rather it is about the compassion I am towards others and myself every other day. Working in Cambodia is the easy part. It is the way we act and treat precious humanity every other moment is what matters the most.

It is not about jumping on a plane to Cambodia (although Head Heart & Hand Holidays[i] was life changing for me) rather it is what our own personal and moral responsibility to the earth we live and to each other. It is about recognising oneness and knowing that we were all born to dance to the rhythm of our own beat in whatever way we choose. You are at once a beating heart and a single heartbeat in the body called humanity. Blessed be and do it is, so it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.






[i] http://www.headheartandhandholidays.com.au/

11. Welcome to another glorious day.


I can’t help but feel for all the homeless people on Melbourne streets tonight. Today truly feels like winter and as I whinged and moaned about the cold I stopped. First world problems, walking a few 100 metres to get to a warm car, warm house, warm office. Outside right now is freezing. There is sadness for those who are spending tonight and many other countless nights on the streets not only in Melbourne but in so many parts of the world.

It would be easy to write about welcoming another glorious day. I wake up in a warm bed, switch my heater on, have a hot shower, fill my belly with nutritious food and start my day. How does someone who sleeps on the streets welcome another glorious day? The amount of resilience, strength and courage that is demonstrated for those “sleeping rough” is absolutely heroic.  I have heard myself whinge when my ears slightly ache in the cold if I have forgotten to wear a beanie. I have been so blessed in my life with shelter, food and ALWAYS having somewhere to live. For so many others it is not the same.

It is not about feeling guilty or not deserving of what we do have, it is more about awareness of social justice, equality and freedom for all. We live in a country where homelessness should not exist. I don’t generally listen to the news but I have been intrigued by people’s comments, viewpoints about the recently reported “homelessness” issue.  There is a notion that people who are “homeless” should take what they can get. When sleeping on the street is a safer option that a “rooming house” that is offered by the government, surely as a collective we can feel compassion.

There has been a lot of coverage of late in regards to the issue and of course the perception of solutions seems appropriate. I work in mental health and the housing system is in crisis overload. The housing that is offered is at times depressing and dangerous. I don’t feel it is fair to blame any one person or political party but perhaps more of an awareness of what responsibility I can have in creating change. I am involved in some local projects. The Period Project supports women with sanitary items and dignity. There are so many projects that can be supported, so many ways to create change.

I don’t have a definitive answer for homelessness in Melbourne yet alone the rest of the world. What I do know is awareness and personal responsibility that we have to each other. Over 6,000 young people are forced to either ‘couch surf’ or ‘sleep rough’ every night in Victoria. These figures only include young people, not to mention the countless others. So how do you welcome each and every day?

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.