13. No one gets to choose for me. I make my own choices



I went to a counselling session a few months ago. I was feeling very overwhelmed with life and not being able to see my family. My family is all based in Melbourne and I live on the Gold Coast. I have been living here for over 3 years. What I love most is that I could literally jump on a plane and be there in 2 hours and could do so every 8 weeks or so. I was explaining to the counsellor that I felt like my choice had been taken away. She disagreed. She explained that I did have a choice and that if I needed to get to Melbourne I could. To be perfectly honest she frustrated me with her answer so I didn’t explore what she said any further.

The reality is I can’t get on a plane and see my family when I choose and giving people perspectives in these situations isn’t always helpful as it doesn’t validate what is going on for the person. I have had endless discussion with people about choice especially when it comes to the pandemic that globally we are experiencing. For me it feels that our choices have been stripped from our very eyes and as a collective we are allowing it. Our government now chooses how we celebrate life, death and everything else in between.

I have stopped trying to allow other to understand my viewpoint and it is no longer my business. What I get to choose now is how I feel about certain areas of my life and. I’m tired of the polarity of arguments that is caused by what has been perceived to be either right or wrong instead of humanity rising in unity consciousness. For a long while I had been pouring a lot of energy into prochoice and in the process a massive cull of so called friends. That is OK. I understand that I am not here to be loved by everybody. I am simply here advocating for choice. So what we do get to choose is our thoughts and within that there also has to be a process.

For me right now I have no control or choice about getting to Melbourne. The borders are closed and I am basically not allowed in. Do I need to be positive and happy about it? No I don’t. I’ve listened to personal stories of people only being allowed to spend hours with their loved ones before they pass. Being forced to have the flu vaccination so that can see their parents in care and legislation that requires you to wear a mask even if you are in the middle of nowhere with no one around. So I choose action and in that I choose to connect further to how I can serve humanity.

What is my responsibility? What is my responsibility to my community? I am sure it is not being an angry bird and shouting posts of injustice (Although I have done) For me it is about connection to self, to come from a deeper understanding of who we are and what we are doing on this planet. Choosing what we want our lives to look like and taking action in doing so. If we are not taking the small steps towards ourselves and the community what hope do we have do rise in unity consciousness for the greater good? Whilst the light within is still burning there is always a choice of hope.


With a splash of mermaid magic and let unicorns lead your way.