3. The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. Albert Einstein

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I am assisting someone with an appointment this week. I made contact with the medical practice to follow up the location and appointment time. I was informed that because of my medical status that I was unable to enter the practice and that I would need to wait outside. I informed the staff member that mandates had been revoked and the response was that it was policy. I questioned the ethics of the decision and confirmed that a medical practice was denying an individual access based on their medical choices. The response – “I just follow the rules”.

Quite frankly “I just follow the rules” simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Whilst we are all simply following the rules, the world in which we now live in is one that I no longer recognise. We want to follow rules that are unethical, do not follow a code of conduct and go against the fundamental principles of humanity. Sadly this is not the first time that I have heard this line being thrown around. We claim to care for people and their wellbeing and want to be recognised for being a good human for “following the rules” yet we are happy to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment.

Rather what needs to be recognised is that doctors are bound by APRHA Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Some of the these directives include;

  • Doctors have a responsibility to protect and promote the health of individuals and the community.
  • Patients trust their doctors because they believe that, as well as being competent, their doctor will not take advantage of them and will display qualities such as integrity, truthfulness, dependability and compassion. [1]

These are only to name a few, yet we don’t seem to question the status quo of our own moral compass and simply do as we have been told especially so in the last two years. Many of us are not in agreeance with the way policies have been navigated yet we continue to comply without any conscious thought of our own behaviour.

I don’t have any solid answers to what we are experiencing in the world right now nor do I claim to know how to change it. What I do know is that the more that we are able to understand ourselves and who we are the more that we are able to live the way in which life was intended. For some this level of acceptance may be justified. For others perhaps it is an opportunity to look deeper within.

When we examine and evaluate our values that we are aligned with yet do not live them in our daily work and practice, I wonder if this is living or simply existing? As Albert Einstein quotes The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” To some extent each time we simply “follow the rules” that are not in our alignment or values we must ask ourselves, is this the world that we are choosing?

With a splash of mermaid magic and let unicorns lead your way.


Sonia xxo


[1] https://www.medicalboard.gov.au/Codes-Guidelines-Policies/Code-of-conduct.aspx

9. Be the change you wish to see in the world – GHANDI


I haven’t written for a while. Too long for my liking! I do know that it is the one thing that gets me out of my head and back into my true heart space and creativity. Why I haven’t written is simply because I haven’t felt like it, haven’t felt inspired nor have I felt particularly connected. The last 12 months have been one emotional roller coaster ride after another and not the fun type either. I have wanted to blog about injustice for quite some time now but I simply haven’t. Am I still afraid to speak my truth?

Last week enough was enough and I finally heard the call of the universe to simply stop my inaction and do what I was born to do and I know that is to write. I just had the perfect confirmation as my sis called and let me know a friend of hers had been reading my blogs and that she was finding comfort in them. Not only do I love writing because it makes me feel at home, but when and if another person resonates with I am writing this is purpose.

So last week was a particularly full on week for me. The reason I am motivated to write again is that I feel so much more noise needs to be made when it comes to the community sector, family court matters and advocacy for our most vulnerable. Whilst I don’t have all the immediate answers, what I do know is that it needs to be heard. Turning our pain into purpose is what we can do. We were not born to suffer and something that I needed to remind myself of.

I have always worked in the Community Sector. It is what I have always known and loved. In the last 12 months I have held 2 positions for two different organisations both connected to the sector. I don’t want this to be about who did what rather the injustices that continues to prevail for a sector that is meant to care about humanity. Where values are usually compounded by integrity, compassion and the list goes on. What I am failing to see time and time again is far from the branded and polished marketing strategies. Can I sit here and whinge about it? Absolutely and I have. What I would prefer to do is actually be heard and create change.

This week my safety was compromised. Was it that staff did not have enough time? Did the KPI just need to be met? All I got was an apology and that in fact this individual does have blackouts and cannot recall aggressive and threatening behavior. Not the kind of excuse you want to hear when one is trying to get out of a car whilst travelling on a very busy road. This isn’t about what happened to me instead it is what happened for me and to know that there is a bigger purpose for all of us. If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got. For when we are at a crossroads it is often where the magic truly happens. Blessed be and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day


Sonia xxxo

5. Truth never damages a cause that is just – MAHATMA GHANDI


I have pondered about writing something around this issue and it is now the 2nd morning that I have awoken with anger and frustration. So instead of letting it seep out elsewhere I have decided to write about in the hope that truth and justice does prevail. I have worked in the community sector for over 15 years and for the most part loved the essence of what I do. However what I have sometimes struggled with is the lack of simple principles of humanity. I won’t get into that right now but at some point I know I will. For now the injustice that has occurred has sent me reeling as it has had direct impact on my little sister.

My sister Nadia attends Bridges Day Service who is represented from Melbourne City Mission. https://www.melbournecitymission.org.au/ On Friday as my older sister was scrolling through social media came across a post from a well-known Melbourne athlete informing her audience that Bridges Day Service was closing down in 3 months. Nadia has attended the program for over 15 years and as you can imagine needs copious amount of time to adjust to change and routine as well all do.

  • A letter was sent to the family earlier that week. My mum and Dad are ageing carers and English is their second language. My sister called the service on Tuesday the 4th of June asking what the meeting was in regards to. It was glossed over by the Manager and she was told to tell my parents “not to stress about it”
  • At this point MCM could have indicated that it was an important meeting to attend – the first indication that there is no moral compass or responsibility.
  • Mum and Dad didn’t attend the scheduled meeting on the 6/09/19 and therefore were not informed of the closure. (this was their choice)
  • MCM made a decision to call only some families on Friday 7/09/19 and one of the families was contacted was an influential athlete. One would imagine that once she was informed that the information would be spread far and wide.
  • I would have assumed that an organisation of this calibre would take necessary precaution to ensure that families were informed in a humane and respected approach.
  • Given the calculations of 90+ participants it would remain an obvious choice to inform families prior to it being spread like wild fire on social media.
  • Having worked in the sector for a significant amount of years what should have followed is a risk management process. Time should have been allocated from staff to ensure that family members were informed in a respectful and loyal fashion.
  • I had to call mum and let her know. I was giving her information that I had heard from another source. This on any level is not OK and this is an organisation that markets themselves with being “capable & respectful”
  • As a family we emailed the service to demand some kind of explanation. No explanations were given other than “sorry” about the way we had received the news.
  • Apparently management of the day service were only informed on Monday and Support Staff informed Wednesday. How is it this even remotely possible? Does Senior Management keep information from their staff? Where has the transparency occurred in this process?


I have reflected on the values of MCM and this is what they claim –

  • TOGETHER – There is nothing together about the way this situation has been dealt with. MCM chose only to tell some families placing importance on others based on their influential impact
  • COURAGEOUS – No courage has been demonstrated and if anything the complete opposite hiding behind the NDIA in the decision making process. The NDIA did not shut down the service this was a decision made solely by MCM based on their incapacity for the service to run under the new funding model.


  • CURIOUS - What was explored for this not to occur? Where are the facts and figures around this?


  •  OPEN – It was indicated that Management were informed on Monday and Support Staff were told on Wednesday, some parents, families and participants were informed Thursday. A decision such as this doesn’t occur overnight and funding decisions should be made as a collective considering it belongs to the individual not the organisation.


  •  ACCOUNTABLE – No words needed


There is so much around this issue where the integrity and values of an organisation that supports our most vulnerable is compromised. MCM may not have been able to sustain the program but giving a whole community only 3 short months to make life changing decisions is simply irresponsible and shows lack of compassion and humanity. Perhaps it is the best decision for my sister as we are now questioning whether MCM deserves to be of service to Nadia. For now there is processing that needs to occur and the best interest of our loved ones is priority but the sector and basic humanity of one’s actions needs to be explored and responsibility needs to occur.

19. “If we don’t talk about it, it is never going to change” – Unknown



I have been watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix for the last few weeks. Or one may call it a bit of binge watching.  It is a series about suicide, sexual abuse, violence, bullying – do I need to go on?  I am sure you get the picture. It is confronting, it is real and it is raw. I came across the quote at the same time “If we don’t talk about it, it is never going to go change” and it resonated. This week I attended a mental health conference on the Gold Coast.  There was a lot about facts and figures but there was also a lot about connection and humanity. It was also about speaking up and creating change. I have had a roller coast kind of week so I spent most of the day yesterday reflecting and processing.

What does connection and humanity really mean?  Sometimes I feel that we have complicated life and we just need to back to the basics. Be kind to one another, have compassion and treat one another with loyalty and respect. It doesn’t mean to say that I am perfect. I know and own that there have been times when I haven’t acted in true integrity. I choose to practice self-love and worth and I work consciously to understand my behaviour towards myself and others.

My blog and writing for me has always been an opportunity to get “stuff” out of my head. It is a way that I am able to explore what is going on for me without having to internalise it. It is my way of taking responsibility. “Stuff” happens to us because we either have to resolve it or it is an opportunity to learn. Sometimes it is a walk to the beach, to witness the beauty of a little girl dancing in the water, living ever so presently with absolute joy and laughter. The world is simply a reflection of where we are at; life has only to offer what we choose to see. The lessons aren’t always easy to learn and sometimes it takes us a while to process.

So if we choose to hide who we are or say what makes our voices quake are we living our truth? Although it has been depicted in a television series, 13 Reasons Why also reveals the real implications of speaking the truth and seeking justice in behaviours that are out of integrity.  The series just as life is provoking. Predominantly it is about a teenager taking her own life. It delves into how the actions of others implicated this in some way shape or form. The decisions that we all make on a day to day basis can create an impact good bad or otherwise.  So be vulnerable, say what it is that you feel and know that we all have the power to create change. As important as our stories may be, equally so is the opportunity to make a difference.  Blessed be and so it is.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.




Sonia xxx

20. “Don’t let anybody walk through your mind with their dirty feet” – Ghandi



I heard this quote twice yesterday. When I heard it for the second time I really stopped to listen and feel what it meant for me. Earlier that day I had been listening to some radio station. They were talking about forgiveness. I almost changed it but something stopped me. The announcer explained that when we hate someone every day it requires a lot of effort and energy. The act of forgiveness happens once and we are done. Sounds pretty simple and it was definitely something that I needed to be reminded of. I am no angel, far from it. I am a human having a spiritual experience. I don’t love all the time but for most of the time I have an open heart. My blog is about writing with a compassionate heart even on the days when I don’t want to. These are the times when I need it the most.

So after having heard the quote twice and having listened to the story about forgiveness I figured there was certainly something that I needed to look into. There is no surprise that someone from my past surfaced and had been only what they can be. Being compassionate also means that the other party is doing the best that they can and they are in their own process of healing. Look if you had of heard me at the time it was quite the contrary, but a day or two later and I have learnt to not let someone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

First and foremost we are human beings. I believe in order to evolve that we have to experience all the extremities of emotions, irrespective of whether they feed good or bad. Sometimes or not it helps to analyse the crap out of a misdoing and we simply do our head in. On a conscious level we are aware that the thoughts we are allowing to consume us are only generating a negative impact on our bodies and lives.

Our souls remind us that what we are going through is for the greater good or is redirecting us to a bigger and better place. However our minds and our bodies can tell us otherwise. We carry anger, distaste and attempt to rationalise the injustice that has occurred. Unfortunately or not our bodies can take a little more time to catch up to what we truly know. Respecting and honouring the process is paramount to our evolvement. I am all for love in fact I thrive in an atmosphere of love. It is all good and well to send love and light but sometimes let’s just own it and call it for what it is. I know that anger and resentment isn’t worth hanging onto to but I also know that I am human and feeling all of what life has to offer is part of my growth and aligning me to exactly where I am meant to be  “Don’t let anybody walk through your mind with their dirty feet”– Ghandi. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.






4. “Love leads us home”


This saying has popped up a few times in the last few weeks. So when it came across my vision the other day I took it as a sign to “blog” about. When life is moving along with all things happy and daisy chains it is relatively easy to come from a place of love. It is when life throws us those curveballs and the hurdles present that leading life with an open heart can pose a little more difficult. This is where the real challenge lies. Well it does for me anyway. When I am angry, frustrated or sad I can throw love right out the window. Hopefully it is not too long before I pull over and pick up where I left off.

Yesterday I was reminded about living love with an open heart. Interestingly enough it was a tragic event that allowed me to really feel it. I can be quite oblivious about current news events. I don’t read the paper nor do I watch the news. I do however believe that when I am meant to hear something I will. I was at mums and dads and the news was on. The images were sprawled across the TV. The screen was filled with children fighting for their lives. They were choking and lying lifeless on the ground whilst parents scurrying with their limp child in their arms in the hope to save them. It was utter fear and havoc. The images were horrific beyond belief and ones that as much as I wanted to turn away from I couldn’t. There was a chemical warfare in Syria and the devastation continues to transpire on a daily basis. The loss of humanity is unbearable.

I later posted the clip to Facebook and of course it brought up a lot for stuff for people. Naturally it would. There was blame, sadness and not wanting to watch the horror that was presented. It is not about judgement. It is not about being right or wrong about what one person feels to the next. Rather for me it was about the quote that I came across. How does lead us home when there is so much injustice? How do we stay in a place of love when all we are exposed to is such a cruel and inhumane loss of lives?

What I do know is that I was a lot more conscious of my own thoughts. I didn’t feel like going into blame, nor did I go to an angry place instead I turned it around and thought about what can I do differently? Sure I can’t get on a plane and physically be in Syria and to be perfectly honest nor do I want to. Instead what I can do is to create more peace in the world that I live. After I posed the clip a friend suggested a “prayer\mediation” night. Perfect as a collective we are far more powerful than as individuals. It is only through love that we can conquer otherwise we are in the same vibration as the act itself. Whilst it is tragic beyond comprehension, I don’t want to waste time or energy that serves no purpose. Instead I can turn my attention out and create more peace and love. It is the true essence of love that leads us home. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done.


With a sprinkle of love and may magic follow your day,


HUGE love



24. Love is the most important thing to give, regardless of the circumstances.


There seems to be a lot of discussion about the recent elections and new president of America. No, this is not another post or blog about what Trump has said or done. Quite frankly he no longer interests me. Instead I can actually sit and write about what he taught me in such a short amount of time and I am grateful. I refuse to give him any more air time or power. I was in a bakery picking up some chocolate for my dad’s birthday when I heard the news that he had won. I shuddered and tried to extrapolate it from my mind. I was on my way to my dad’s celebration dinner and I didn’t want to let the news dampen how I was feeling.

Later that night as predicted it was all over Facebook and the distaste and disharmony spewed onto my newsfeed. That is except for a few. There was an extremely funny comparison to a dinosaur cartoon that he eerily resembled from the 80’s. Most importantly there were other perspectives on the recent result of the presidency of America. First things first it was about owning the shadow within us. Trump only pushes our buttons because there is a trait that resides inside of us. Feels uncomfortable I know, but if you were to be really honest with yourself I am sure there has been a snippet in time where you may have been racist or ignorant towards somebody or something. I know there have been times in my life where I have had made judgments on others. Not entirely proud of it but our shadows allow us to seek truth and grow.

The other perspective was about stepping up in love. If we are hurling abuse at him are we not just as bad or distasteful as he is? Please let’s make no mistake; I am not a fan of Trump. What I can say is that he is teaching me who I am not. I want to be able to see or hear about him and not feel triggered. Instead I want to create and feel more love and compassion for the world that we live in. There is one thing for sure the world needs a whole lot of love right now.

What if Trump is showing us what it is that we need to be? If we don’t want to be like him, then who do we aspire to be?  What if we aspire to be the best version of ourselves? What if we stopped looking outside of ourselves and know that the answers we seek are already within. To know that there is no guru or leader other than the one that resides inside of who we truly are. What if it is about stepping up in love, compassion and integrity? I know that I have been able to shift my perspective about the election because I don’t want to waste this one precious life feeling insecure about my future. Instead I want to be able to turn it around and follow my bliss. Love is the most important thing to give, regardless of the circumstances. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.





I surrender, I trust that I am divinely guided and ALWAYS provided for.


I have been in Cambodia for almost a week now. There is something majestic about this place and the life’s lessons that it always continues to offer me. There is always more to learn and the amount of gratitude continues to overwhelm me.  For me it is not only about being of service but also a time to reflect on my own life and to recognise my next steps, my future leaps of faith.  I have found it quite funny that I am unable to locate the affirmation quotes that I usually write from. I have all my stuff in a bedroom and I know that they are here but I can’t find them Surprise Surprise, the universe is forcing me to step up and write my own.

I have decided to focus about trust and surrender in a country that is filled with some much poverty and disadvantage. The resilience that the people of Cambodia are able to muster considering their life and what little they have never ceases to amaze me. Their smiles are always so generous and their gratitude so humble. I am working on a project which is called “The Dump Project”   Some families and children literally live on the “dump”. It is here that they collect rubbish to make a living and sometimes find the only food that they are able to salvage for their families to eat. To fully comprehend what this means is unimaginable to me as there has never been a day in my life where I have not had access to food and clean water. It is such a luxury that we take for granted in our everyday lives.

So for now what I know I can do is offer my time and a whole lot of love, gratitude and compassion to build a playground for children who have not had access to one before. It sounds so trivial yet so bloody exciting to see the faces of the children as they test run the equipment. It is now my fourth visit to Cambodia and all I do know is how right it feels to be here. The sense of familiarity and knowing that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be overwhelms to a place of pure connection and divine guidance.

It has allowed me to understand that the time that I spend worrying and doing my head in about life is so futile and draining. There is so much more the world needs than my perceived meek problems. It is so minimal in comparison to what I have been witness to in just the last week, let alone what is endured here every other day. What is real are some of the villages that we do visit, women have been known to use rocks and sticks to stop their menstrual bleeding. The injustice hurts my heart. Sure there are elements that are connected to lack of money but there is so much more. If we all raised our awareness about justice and compassion peace can prevail for ALL of humanity. I surrender, I trust that I am divinely guided and ALWAYS provided for.Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day

With love



36. I have plenty of time to do what I need to do. Time expands for me.


The thoughts at the forefront of my mind are of a dear furbaby that passed away today. My head is still reeling from the events and I almost thought about going straight to bed and pretending it didn’t happen. What I have also realised is stuffing my emotions down doesn’t work either. Earlier today my sister and I were driving down a busy main road, there was a man frantically wanting to cross the road. We slowed down to make sure he was Ok and there he was on the side of the road yelling in pure pain that his dog had just been hit. It was heartbreaking.

I wish I was writing this story differently but I am not. We stopped and assisted him in any way we could. It was futile and he was losing a lot of blood. So many people stopped and tried to assist in any way they could. Unfortunately the driver did not. There was a few of us that ended up meeting him at the vet but the darling furbaby had gone. Complete strangers who had come to help a man and his dog. It was just devastating. His shrills of mercy that his dog had been hit is is gut-wrenching.

So as I sit and write about having plenty of time to so what I need to do I am in slight conflict. Time is truly of the essence and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I can’t explain why the beautiful German Shepherd dog was hit and later died but it has come as a harsh reminder that life is so very precious and everything can change in an instant. It doesn’t mean that we have to live life in fear and anxious. Rather for me right now it is a timely reminder about being in the moment and it is truly all we have.

My sister and I witnessed the tragedy tonight for whatever reason. I know that after work, I hadn’t planned to go for a run but I did. I didn’t intend to go past my sister’s house but I did and there was never any plan to drive her to work. None the less I did and in the midst of it I was witness to a man losing his best friend. Life smacks you in the face sometimes and puts it all into perspective.

So on reflection what I do know and feel about time is being in the now. When we are in crisis we are so present. To be grateful for every moment, even when it is painful for this is where precious humanity is witnessed and we all come together as one. A harsh realisation that we understand this in troubled times. For if this was the way of the world each and every day justice would prevail. We are all connected, we are all one. To the dear furbaby that grew his wings today, may your flight be peaceful and loving. Thank you for your lesson of love.  I have plenty of time to do what I need to do. Time expands for me.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.





4. I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.


I was speaking to a friend just the other day about that where you are in your life is exactly where you are meant to be. Sometimes the universe knows what is best for us and forces us to make changes. Sometimes these changes can be ones that are welcomes and sometimes there are unpleasant curveballs that throw us into a tailspin and life is never quite the same. None the less good bad or indifferent we are at the right place at the right time doing the right thing. I know for me personally that each time that there has been pain or suffering in my life it is because there is a greater plan working for me, no matter how crap it may have felt at the time.

What I do think about when I write this affirmation for today are all the people that are living in third world and war torn countries. Are they in the right place at the right time doing the right thing?  It makes my heart heavy and sad that simply because of where one is born that there is so much suffering that is attached to it. For all the asylum seekers that are seeking refuge, are they at the right place at the right time?  I may not have all the answers, but what I do know is the fact they do not have a choice allows me to feel more passionate about justice and peace in our world. So many times I hear people say to me “you can’t change the world” blah blah is all I hear now. What I do know is that “when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” a quote which is one of my favourites from Dr Wayne Dwyer.

So right now I totally feel that everything is the way that it is meant to be. The more that we are able to create change the more the world will shift and create movement towards justice and peace. Everything is possible. It may not happen in this lifetime but there is certainly hope for our children to live in a world where suffering does not exist. In the meantime if there is an aspect of your life that is able to bring peace, kindness or compassion to another then do just that. The ripple effect is amazing and there are so many acts of service that you can do no matter how big or small. I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.