19. “If we don’t talk about it, it is never going to change” – Unknown



I have been watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix for the last few weeks. Or one may call it a bit of binge watching.  It is a series about suicide, sexual abuse, violence, bullying – do I need to go on?  I am sure you get the picture. It is confronting, it is real and it is raw. I came across the quote at the same time “If we don’t talk about it, it is never going to go change” and it resonated. This week I attended a mental health conference on the Gold Coast.  There was a lot about facts and figures but there was also a lot about connection and humanity. It was also about speaking up and creating change. I have had a roller coast kind of week so I spent most of the day yesterday reflecting and processing.

What does connection and humanity really mean?  Sometimes I feel that we have complicated life and we just need to back to the basics. Be kind to one another, have compassion and treat one another with loyalty and respect. It doesn’t mean to say that I am perfect. I know and own that there have been times when I haven’t acted in true integrity. I choose to practice self-love and worth and I work consciously to understand my behaviour towards myself and others.

My blog and writing for me has always been an opportunity to get “stuff” out of my head. It is a way that I am able to explore what is going on for me without having to internalise it. It is my way of taking responsibility. “Stuff” happens to us because we either have to resolve it or it is an opportunity to learn. Sometimes it is a walk to the beach, to witness the beauty of a little girl dancing in the water, living ever so presently with absolute joy and laughter. The world is simply a reflection of where we are at; life has only to offer what we choose to see. The lessons aren’t always easy to learn and sometimes it takes us a while to process.

So if we choose to hide who we are or say what makes our voices quake are we living our truth? Although it has been depicted in a television series, 13 Reasons Why also reveals the real implications of speaking the truth and seeking justice in behaviours that are out of integrity.  The series just as life is provoking. Predominantly it is about a teenager taking her own life. It delves into how the actions of others implicated this in some way shape or form. The decisions that we all make on a day to day basis can create an impact good bad or otherwise.  So be vulnerable, say what it is that you feel and know that we all have the power to create change. As important as our stories may be, equally so is the opportunity to make a difference.  Blessed be and so it is.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.




Sonia xxx