For the last 4 or so years I have been writing a blog. The blog has usually been derived from some type of affirmation calendar. I have either purchased one or received one as a gift. This year neither happened. So we are halfway through January and I haven’t sat down nor have I taken the time to sit and write and do what I love most.  My blogs have usually consisted of turning a situation around but most importantly it is about being real, raw and vulnerable. It is not a spiritual blog that is going to make you feel better rather it is about connection.  It is not going to teach you how to be happy, nor is it going to tell you what you have to do. Ultimately that is up to you. Instead what it will do is connect you to what I am being guided to write about

When there is loss of connection to self, the cascade motion that follows can usually be of detriment. Hence when we want to tell the world and everybody in it to “go F&*K yourself. For those that know me well will know that may be a phrase that they would have heard. Perhaps not my proudest moments but it is who I am and I am forever learning. So for the last 24+ hours I have spent in my bathroom with an eloquent purging kind of virus. I am sure you can work out the rest. It has been crap literally. Call it a purge, call it a virus, call it whatever you will but what I do know is that out of every situation that is presented to us it is an opportunity to learn if that is what we want to do. We don’t have to learn if we don’t want to we can simply be stuck and continue to have the same conversations with the same situations. Boring and pretty much “go F*&(K yourself”

Now I am not suggesting for one minute that you should be going around telling anyone to “go F*&K themselves” Instead what I have recognised for me today is that when I get to this point it is  a tell-tale sign that there is something else going on. For me it is about feeling stuck, stagnant and my creative energy feels dormant. What I have learnt the best is that we weren’t meant to live this life doing it on our own. After speaking to a dear soul today I recognised what my soul needed to do. I took myself to the park and just sat. What came through was “I am open to receive” The “Go F*(K yourself” mantra appeared to dissipate. So instead of feeling stuck and stagnant a mere 15 minutes allowed me to connect to nature and I could hear my soul speak. As soon as I drove away from the park a car beeped me in the non-friendly version.  I instantly went to “go F&^K yourself” but this time I didn’t stay there I laughed.

Sending you an abundance of unicorn magic and fairy wishes



62. Today I am willing to release the need to be right.


What does being right actually mean? I know for me when I am not in my heart space the “need” to be or feel right can be at the forefront of my mind. This is when I know that I need to take a step back and actually take in what is going on for me. Far out it is super easy to blame our lives on circumstances, the government, work, family or whatever really. It requires strength, vulnerability and a whole lot of courage to have an open heart and release the need to be right.

Of course there is a lesson for me in the affirmation today and instantly I recognised it as a gift. I felt even more compelled to live in my heart space which is truly the only way to an enlightened path with purpose. I was dealt an interesting set of cards today in regards to a particular situation. In my core I knew I was “right”. Naturally there was another side to the story and the responsibility shifted to another party.  What could have transpired was a cascading waterfall of “drama” but instead I surrendered the lesson to the universe and know that because of this situation my path can only be brighter. I could have sat for hours, days even, discussing and regurgitating the same crap. As I was walking and the situation unfolded I stopped in my tracks and simply surrendered. No more having to prove a point!

When we are not in the flow of where our lives are meant to be we are presented with blocks and as far as I am concerned there was huge block in my path today. I could have chosen to stand there to be “right” but instead I walked around it and continued on my path. A few minutes later it started raining and I initially I was annoyed that I was getting wet but I looked up and Mother Earth graced me with a rainbow! I could have missed the magic if I didn’t get out of my head and into my heart. It was magical and I felt my heart burst open with compassion, first and foremost for myself but for all that I was surrounded with no matter what circumstance it was bringing into my life.

Our world is simply a reflection of where we are at. If we are faced with turmoil and drama it is because it already exists within ourselves. The last 6 or so months have been mixed with turmoil and drama and hence it attracted itself to my life. It may not have been crystal clear at the time but right now I can see that the world in which I am living is a mirror of where I am at. Where I did not value myself, I was not valued by others. It would be easy to go into he\she did that but instead I choose the path of love and compassion. We always learn and I am so grateful right now for the gift of the lesson. It is giving me the opportunity to absolutely trust and surrender to the process of what my magical life has to offer. Today I am willing to release the need to be right. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.






41. I willingly release the need for struggle and suffering. I deserve to have a fulfilling life and I accept it now.


I am so grateful for the affirmation today and allowing me to hear exactly what I needed at the perfect time. I have had way too many thoughts and worries going on in my head lately and quite frankly I don’t like the amount of space that I am consuming on energy that has no value and stifles my creativity. I attended a funeral today. I actually took myself out of my heart space and focused on everything but the pain on my friend.  It may sound selfish and it some aspects it may be but for me right now I know what my limitations and delving into her pain will not serve me. It doesn’t mean that I am not sending her love nor that I am not sad or sorry for her but instead I am practising compassion with detachment and applying what I know how elsewhere.

I have felt like I have been struggling of late, life has felt sad but there have been many moments of blessings and gratitude and for these I am grateful. I appreciate the contrast and make sure that I am looking after myself. So today after the funeral today my energy was heavy and drained. Tonight I went to my aunt’s home for dinner and spent time with my crazy cousins and filled myself back up with love. It is all about the contrast and allowing receiving when I am vulnerable. My aunt’s home is so giving and I am very blessed

So when I reflect on the message for today it is a strong reminder to give up my worries and concerns about the future and to not feel anxious about what may or may not be. What I do know is that my focus on the next chapter is one that is filled with excitement and new opportunities rather than worrying about where to next. I have complete faith and trust that the universe will provide. Sure I have to put myself out there but the risk far outweighs being stagnant or not growing from my experiences. In the end they are all just “stories” and it depends on how we perceive them that is the difference. I can choose to look at this time of my life as uncertainty and worry or I could give up the struggle and say “hey universe I am so ready to receive with open arms for the next exciting miraculous adventure that you have ready for me”

The most prominent in the message for today are the words “I deserve”. This was a lesson that took me a while to know and understand but one of the greatest gifts I feel you can ever give yourself. I totes know now that I deserve to have a fulfilling life and I am so grateful to my writing and the words of Louise Hay that have reminded me of this lesson. We are always learning and imperfectly perfect. I willingly release the need for struggle and suffering. I deserve to have a fulfilling life and I accept it now. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow you day.

With love



41. My garden of affirmations is blossoming.


I had to laugh at the affirmation for today as it probably wasn’t a blossoming kind of affirmation day; in fact they were more like I feel like punching somebody in the face kind of day. Just for the record I didn’t punch anybody but there were a lot of eloquent words that may have been heard if you were in my vicinity. What I do know is that I woke up this morning and I felt like crap. My head was stuffy, my chest was heavy and my energy levels were low. I was grumpy and the rest of the day sort of seemed to steer itself in that direction. I was aware of my mood and quite possibly at some point should have looked at a garden of affirmations. Instead I took some time out called a friend and as far as I am concerned a problem shared is a problem halved.

So at the end of the day as I sit here as one of the final things that I do, I reflect on the day and really do realise that in the great scheme of things, today was like a teensy weensy drop in the great big ocean. I am grateful for these experiences because they truly do show me that this is not what I want my life to look like.  I can sit here and rant about my day but quite frankly I have done that already and now my own story bores me. It is a reminder for me to love every single day with compassion, to live my life with purpose and passion. To acknowledge that there are times when we are feeling vulnerable, emotional and would really just love a hug.

Yesterday marked the New Moon and I wrote myself some goals and wishes. Affirmations and goals is something that you will find around my home and work space and for me they are a reminder to be aware of my thoughts. I am sure that some of the conversations that were going on in my head today were not blossoming, nor did they add to my garden of affirmations. Well they affirming just not of the positive kind. So instead of saying that today was a crappy day, I consider it to be a day of lessons and learning more about compassion. What I am learning is that people primarily act in a way that is untoward because of their own pain and ego. That is not to say that it is cool but rather I can feel compassion with detachment, be responsible for my contribution and focus on what is real. What is real is love in action and living a life of bliss and more. To reflect on my goals and wishes that I wrote yesterday and exerting my energy in what is truly important. My garden of affirmations is blossoming. Blessed be and so it is, so it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.

With love