62. Today I am willing to release the need to be right.


What does being right actually mean? I know for me when I am not in my heart space the “need” to be or feel right can be at the forefront of my mind. This is when I know that I need to take a step back and actually take in what is going on for me. Far out it is super easy to blame our lives on circumstances, the government, work, family or whatever really. It requires strength, vulnerability and a whole lot of courage to have an open heart and release the need to be right.

Of course there is a lesson for me in the affirmation today and instantly I recognised it as a gift. I felt even more compelled to live in my heart space which is truly the only way to an enlightened path with purpose. I was dealt an interesting set of cards today in regards to a particular situation. In my core I knew I was “right”. Naturally there was another side to the story and the responsibility shifted to another party.  What could have transpired was a cascading waterfall of “drama” but instead I surrendered the lesson to the universe and know that because of this situation my path can only be brighter. I could have sat for hours, days even, discussing and regurgitating the same crap. As I was walking and the situation unfolded I stopped in my tracks and simply surrendered. No more having to prove a point!

When we are not in the flow of where our lives are meant to be we are presented with blocks and as far as I am concerned there was huge block in my path today. I could have chosen to stand there to be “right” but instead I walked around it and continued on my path. A few minutes later it started raining and I initially I was annoyed that I was getting wet but I looked up and Mother Earth graced me with a rainbow! I could have missed the magic if I didn’t get out of my head and into my heart. It was magical and I felt my heart burst open with compassion, first and foremost for myself but for all that I was surrounded with no matter what circumstance it was bringing into my life.

Our world is simply a reflection of where we are at. If we are faced with turmoil and drama it is because it already exists within ourselves. The last 6 or so months have been mixed with turmoil and drama and hence it attracted itself to my life. It may not have been crystal clear at the time but right now I can see that the world in which I am living is a mirror of where I am at. Where I did not value myself, I was not valued by others. It would be easy to go into he\she did that but instead I choose the path of love and compassion. We always learn and I am so grateful right now for the gift of the lesson. It is giving me the opportunity to absolutely trust and surrender to the process of what my magical life has to offer. Today I am willing to release the need to be right. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.