6. Today is a great day to visualize, imagine, create and produce.


For the last week or so we have seen the words #blacklivesmatter# plastered all over social media and of course they absolutely do. We have seen and heard the injustices that are currently being played out and we are appalled and rightly so. However why is it only now that we feel that this has been occurring? I want to profess that I am not an expert this is simply what it feels like for me and what I know to be true, that creates a stir in my soul.

As Australians did we know that this week is reconciliation week? Reconciliation week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. The very same week a mining company blew up a 46,000 year old cave. The irony is beyond insulting. Did we plaster this all over social media or did we not even know that it was reconciliation week? I have also read some alarming posts that people in Australia have not grown up with racism? Have we been living under a rock?

Do we know and understand that in our very communities Aboriginal people are still not accessing services that they are entitled to because they have been treated so poorly in the past. Did you know that we are still not providing inclusion in the services that we provide for the owners and true custodians of our land? Do you know if your workplace has a Reconciliation Action Plan which is a formal statement of your organisation commitment to reconciliation?

I have worked in the NDIS space for a few years. Aboriginal people are still not accessing services that they are entitled to. A reform as huge as the NDIS was not inclusive and considerate of Aboriginal culture and language which continues to disadvantage our communities. I attend meetings and continue to shake my head in disbelief that as “white fellas” we continue to make the same FK ups time and time again. So before we proclaim that we are not racist, how as individuals are we contributing to the same? The systematic racism is rife!

We have been waiting to get back to “normal”; I don’t want things to go back to normal. I am glad that the world has been shaken up so that perhaps we have a better chance of understanding what responsibility we all have in this world and how we contribute to racism. This isn’t about shaming or making something right and wrong nor is it about black lives in America or Aboriginal lives in Australia. For me it is about let’s make a stance all the time. Let’s unite at any opportunity we have. Let us be educated about what is going on right under our very noses, in our classrooms, in our workplaces and in our everyday conversations so that justice can be served. Today is a great day to visualize, imagine, create and produce.


With a splash of mermaid magic and let unicorns lead your way.


Sonia xxo

2. “Love thy Neighbour”


To say the last month or so has been an emotional roller coaster is an understatement. I haven’t had the energy nor have I felt very motivated to write. I know myself well so by not writing I am only doing myself a disservice. I noticed myself blaming others or situations about the way I felt, which is only a cop out for not taking personal responsibility. We create it all, the good, bad and all the rest in between. Sure there are times when certain situations can cause disharmony and conflict but ultimately the personal responsibility lies within each and every one of us.

Funny or not there was a recent complaint about where I live in regards to a BBQ that was at the front of the home. There was no communicating to me just a few emails about the removal of it with no rhyme or reason other than they were the rules. It triggered the F&*K out of me.  At the time I couldn’t quite work out why it was making me so angry but the profanities that I verbalised were less than kind. Any kind of situation that triggers a response is a flag for me to sit up and notice. It was about freedom of choice, an injustice and speaking up with integrity.

In reflection what comes up is “love they neighbour” a simple commandment or life lesson. When we can’t be kind to our neighbour what chance do we have for the rest of the world. When we don’t have a moral compass or have a desire to be of service to humanity how we can possibly bring goodness to the world. Trust me I am no saint but you know what I own my stuff and take personal responsibility in the way I treat myself and the rest of the world. Bottom line we all have a personal responsibility to show up not only for ourselves but for the communities we live in. Our words and actions have a direct impact in the world we live in.

I could sit here and blog about nosy neighbours or about the systems in which we live. Quite frankly I am not interested in giving it any more energy. Instead what I can do is reflect and know that everything that happens for us and not to us. What I do know is that Mother Earth is in dire straits and harsh and cruel actions only create more of the same. So what I can do is focus on what changes I can bring not only to myself, but to my neighbours, my community and the world in which I live.  I can’t change what others do nor do I want to, this is not my job. Instead what I can to is accept and choose what no longer serves me.  I am responsible for the way I feel, do and act and my expectation is that those I surround myself with do the same, otherwise there is no growth and instead only more of the same. What I can admire is how the lessons do show up even when it is about a BBQ. “Love thy neighbour” and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day





1. Where there is great love there are miracles – Willa Cather


I have felt the urge to write for a few days now. I am not sure why or what but I know that there is a part of me that needs to express. We all do. Our creative selves make up so much of our gift that we bring to the world, yet it sometimes seems to be the part that we neglect the most. Being in a creative energy allows grace and flow into our lives. When we are not being creative we are stuck and our energy can remain stagnant.  When I talk about being creative, I am not necessarily talking about taking out a paint brush and easel. If that what being creative means to you then so be it. Instead for me being creative is also about being connected to self. Creative is different for all of us.  I know that when I am not connected I simply exist. For most of the time this may work for some but at the core of our existence our soul knows that there is so much more.

For me writing is a big part of my creativity. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways. The way we cook, dress, interact and love is all a part of our creativity. When I am connected which allows me to be creative also allows for expansive love.  Lately I have been challenged by the “system” in which we have succumbed to especially when it comes to people who live with a disability.  This isn’t a political onslaught because trust me I could certainly go that way. Instead I am being challenged to look at it from a different perspective. At the moment my head and heart aren’t connected in this particular space. Sure there are aspects of it that are in complete alignment with humanity but unfortunately it can be a system fraught with debilitating circumstances. OK I said I wouldn’t rant.

So when I feel into the quote and the reason that I felt the urge to write I know and truly feel that there needs to be another perspective. I am not sure that it is one that can be transpired immediately. Instead what I do know is that if I continue to be a part of the problem then I can never be a part of the solution. I am pretty passionate about being a voice for those who are not able to do so for themselves. My little sister is my main motivator. She is nonverbal and although she may not express herself with words her communication and love expands beyond time and space. It was only this morning a friend text to let me know that she saw my little sister and could feel her love and freedom from afar. This is the gift and perspective that she has to offer the world with no words, simply her love. Her creativity in the freedom in the way she chooses to live her life is limitless. Where there is love there are great miracles. Blessed be and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.




10. You are only free when you realise you belong no place- you belong every place-no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great – Maya Angelou



I have come across this statement by Maya Angelou quite a few times as I have been reading the book, Braving the Wilderness by Brene` Brown. It is still a passage of writing that leaves me pondering with much to explore. The feeling of belonging for me is exactly where I am, even though I am living in another state away from my family andall that I have ever known. However I have connected with a network of people and places and meeting some super special people along the way. Most importantly I have come back to me.

So for now this is where I belong. I have just moved into my own place on the Gold Coast and my life and home is here now. Don’t get me wrong the last 8 months has been a trial of tribulations. It has been a plethora of experiences that have allowed me to find a new level of freedom that I haven’t experienced before.  At times life hasn’t been entirely pleasant, however I don’t regret any of these experiences because without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now. For now as I write my blog I can see the ocean and the feeling of belonging completely to me overwhelms my being.

It doesn’t mean that I have stopped learning or that the lessons will no longer present. Instead it is about succumbing to the moment, to what is presented, to take the risk, the leap of faith and to simply live love. We are ever changing. This is the true beautiful, inspiring and authentic dishevelled yet beautiful mess that we are here to be.

So when I reflect on the statement about belonging to every place but no place at all, it is starting to make sense. When I first read it I know that It felt to different to the way that it feels right now, I can only guess that in 6 or 12 months’ time that it may feel different again. For now it means that where I am is exactly where I am meant to be and the reward is great. I live across the road to the ocean and for this is the truest sense of belonging. I wake to the roar of the waves and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this is what home and belonging truly feels for me.

This is not a lesson that I set out to discover instead it is one in which I continue to unravel and is ever-changing. It is a collective of experiences that lead us to a place of belonging, not only to where we are but ultimately coming home to ourselves. For when we are home within ourselves the epitome of freedom is delivered. Blessed be and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day






8. “When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind.”



I watched Wonder with my roomie last night. It was the perfect weather to be home on a Saturday night to watch a movie. With Maltesers and Twisties in tow, we assumed our positions on the couch, watched and cried as the lessons unveiled and the story of a very special young boy was told. A true account of what one’s tribulations can offer the world in the most magical of ways. When life presents outside the “norm”, whatever that even means it seems to throw a lot of things into a flurry. For “Auggie” the main character of the movie the so called deformities on his face made his life hard and painful and equally beautiful.

As I watched I thought of my funny, open hearted sister. I winced at the amount of times she has been stared at or eyes have glazed upon her with someone trying to figure out “what is wrong with her”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her. In fact she is one of the most amazing human beings that I will ever know. What she teaches the world that she lives in far outweighs any label of disability. People that know and love her undoubtedly feel that but for those that gaze and encounter her otherwise it can sometimes be cruel and unkind.

The quote that I am writing from today is one that was prevalent throughout the movie and one that I have heard a couple of times in the last few weeks. It is simple yet one that we seem to miss every now and again. I have certainly gotten better at deciphering between being right and kind but every now and then it seeps in. That is OK as long as I don’t live there and choose kindness. When it comes to my sister the protective wolf comes in and I am not quite sure that I have always chosen kindness, instead opting to be right. Up until last night I felt that it was my right to be her voice and I always will be. Choosing kindness and understanding far outweighs the ripple effect of being right.

Sometimes it is the smallest of encounters that make up the big stuff. It could be the person that cut you off in traffic, or the sales assistant that wasn’t helpful. Are you choosing kindness or being right?  Trust me there are many a time where I have chosen the latter and I am happy to own my stuff but upon reflection it is not conducive. We are human and we don’t have to beat ourselves up over things we think we should or shouldn’t be doing. Instead awareness and understanding is what ultimately leads us to a place of peace and freedom within ourselves. Life will always present us with stuff but ultimately it is what we choose that makes the difference. “When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind.” Blessed be and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day




18. Home is not a place it is a feeling



I have been living on the Gold Coast for just over three months.  It has been a plethora of emotions that I seem to untangle and construct on a sometimes daily basis. I love being so close to the ocean. Knowing that I can walk 5 minutes to be so close to the roaring waves brings so much joy to my heart. On the flip side I miss my family, friends and the familiarity that I know.  Some days are harder than others. Being away from all that I know has also forced to go deeper within myself and to feel truly at home no matter where I am. It has taught me to dig to depths that I haven’t visited before and grow to a different sense of self.

When I am being challenged in life I also take it as an opportunity to learn and understand what it means for me. It doesn’t mean that I have to analyse the crap out of it and do my own head in. instead I am able to feel what it is that is going on for me and allow myself to take responsibility for growth and understanding. Too often in life when we are presented with “stuff” that is painful or difficult to digest we shove it down or distract ourselves with whatever else. To feel pain is uncomfortable and we do anything possible to avoid it. We learn so much from a place of pain and for me it is where growth really happens if we allow it.

It is relatively easy for us to live in our heads, it is comfortable and it is safe up there, quite frankly it gives me a headache. Living from our hearts and being connected is love living. So when I connect to the place of feeling of home at times it is what I know. What I have come to understand is that feeling of home is living from your heart which may not always be easy to do. It can feel far more comfortable to lash out, blame and avoid. For me it is a daily practise and reminder of what life essentially is.  There will always be situations and interactions that we are presented with. It has the potential to take us away from living love if this is what we allow. Or we can choose to sit in our pain, hurt, grief or whatever uncomfortable feeling we are shown and grow from the experience.

So when I connect to home, I feel what it is like to be surrounded by my mad, crazy, loud and fun loving family. They are what I have known for the last 43 years, I miss them like crazy at times and yearn for the comfort that I know so well. The other side of that is remaining connected to who I am and feeling at home in my heart no matter where I am. Being pushed out of my comfort zone also take me to a place of discovery and this is where the magic truly happens. Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Blessed be and so it is.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day







15. “I came here for love”


I was at my exercise session this morning and I heard a song that caught my attention. I barely remembered the lyrics other than the words “I came here for love” I can’t say that I was actually listening to the song. I was too busy trying to get through each round of exercise at 5am. On the way home from work I heard the same song. I love music and what it is able to do. The song immediately resonated with me as the words worked their way to my soul. I am not even sure what the song is about but I felt a strong urge to write about it.

We can talk about messages and signs from the universe but we also have to be present to listen to them. Living in a new state for over a month now, I am probably the most present I have ever been. That is not to say that I have no distractions or that I am perfect. In fact far from it, I like to call it a work in progress. We are all here to learn and grow from what we know and what surrounds us at the perfect time. So when I heard the lyrics for the2nd time in one day I took it a sign that it was something that I was meant to hear. After all everything is about perspective and interpretation.

We come into this lifetime as a big bundle of love and unfortunately life happens and our natural state of being in not something that we become accustomed to. This morning I was told that it is likely that more war and terrorism could occur, quite possibly the truth. Not the sprinkle of sunshine I had planned to start my day with but I also have personal freedom and choice. It is not to say that I walk around with rose coloured glasses (as much as I reckon they would be really cool). Instead I am reminded that “I came here with love”

This morning as I went for my morning coffee, I listened to a mum scathe her child in front of everyone. The words rang through my mind “I came here for love”. I have no idea what she went through that morning, nor is it any of my business. It is however my purpose to be love in all that I do. It doesn’t mean that her actions are justified and that the protection of the little boy isn’t paramount, instead it is about the way I choose to spend the next moments in that time. I could create more angst or I can simply send her some peace and patience.

Today was a perfect reminder for me to be love in all that I do. After all it is who we truly are. It doesn’t mean that life is always presented with unicorns and rainbows, I get it shit happens. Instead what I do know is that I can choose to respond with love, truth and personal responsibility in all that I do. Blessed be and so it is.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day





11. In freedom I take flight.



I just woke up from a little nap. I have been in the Gold Coast for the last few days. I am moving up here in a few weeks for a sea change so I have spent the last few days sorting out where to from here. As I awoke the words ran through my head “In freedom I take flight” Freedom would have to be one of my highest values.  It is right up there in my list of priorities. For such a long time in my life I felt that my freedom was undermined in one way shape or form.  Whether it was in my childhood, relationship or simply by own restrain and limitation.

So much has transpired in the last month since I have made the decision to relocate and with that comes a huge sense of freedom. Sure freedom means being able pick up and do whatever I want, whenever I want. I don’t have children, pets or any huge responsibilities that keep me from being able to do as I please. This is liberating but what I value most is freedom of thoughts and burdens that subconsciously are created in our thought processes.

Our minds are a powerful tool and one that can be used in greatness but can also succumb to the misery of mindless banter. I have reminded myself time and time again especially in the last week or so to remain present, to stay in this moment. To not rush off to the future because fuck knows what is going on over there. At the moment my mind can feel like a bit of a whirlwind with all that is happening and about to transpire. So when I woke up with the quote literally running through my mind “In flight I take freedom” I knew exactly what it meant.  I instantly felt more settled and felt the urge to write about what was going on for me. I generally have a feel when it is that I need to write. More often than not it is when I am in my head and have begun to disconnect from myself and what is going on.

So when I felt into the quote it was absolutely about freedom, but not necessarily in the freedom to do or say as I please. Rather it was about detachment and the ability to stay present in this very moment. To not require any validation about what is wrong rather to seek what I already know from within. I have absolutely no control about what the future will bring and to be perfectly honest nor do I wish to know. Right now all I do know is what is real. When we allow ourselves go down the rabbit hole of endless banter and drama we can simply stay there and create whirlwinds of chaos. Not sure about you but I am not too keen to go there. Been there done that and trust me it is not all that great! So for now it is about day by day. Sure I require some action steps to get me to where I need to go but the art of detachment and to be present is the finest art of freedom one can have.  Blessed be and so it is. So it is done.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and my magic follow your day,



Sonia Muraca