My life is joyously balanced between work and play.


The irony of this affirmation is that it is like a big fat red siren is going off to tell me that there is no balance between work and play for me right now. That is not to say that I all I am doing is working rather in my down time there is not that much fun going on. The last week has been flat and a bit blah for me. I feel like my energy has been zapped and whilst my work is something that I love it is also at a crossroads.  An interesting time for me to say the least and it feels like I can completely reinvent whatever it is that I want to do. At least for most of the time this is what I want it to feel like. Instead big fat ego tends to take over and I go into worry mode. We all know what good worry does. (BIG FAT NOTHING!) It gives us a headache, does not allow up to be in the moment and worst of all we miss the miracles and beauty that life has to offer as we are so preoccupied with what might be.

So last night I decided to ground and surrender my feelings of worry and scattered thoughts over to the angels and universe. I went to a group mediation session and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. More importantly it was fun! Far out life can be so serious sometimes and I definitely need to make sure that I am taking time out for me to have fun! Funny or not is that we have to remind ourselves that we need to make sure that we have fun. Sounds ridiculous but hey no judgement going on here.

Each month the affirmation calendar that I write from has a quote for the month. For July it reads “This month I look for ways to prove to myself that I unconditionally love and appreciate who I am. Oh this is going to be fun!” There we have the theme of having fun and play come up again. It also came up in my meditation last night so I know that there is no coincidence that I have received this message twice in less than 24hrs. I am sure that the bowl of sugar in the coco pops that I just ate did not indicate that I love myself unconditionally but none the less I enjoyed every snap, crackle and pop! What this does remind me about is to be gentle and loving and to know that it is an awesome time to go over my goals, dreams and wishes. What better time than on a full moon. I have just written a letter to the universe to surrender any obstacles and challenges that are associated with the future. It I keep worrying about it then I will simply attract more worrying situations. So I am getting off the worry train and getting on the fun train! Part of loving self unconditionally is to know that although there may be times where I may feel flat, that I am as we all are imperfectly perfect. My life is joyously balanced between work and play. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.

Huge love