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I tossed and turned about which affirmation calendar to write from today.  I was possibly avoiding the one that I am writing about as it is a topic that I have struggled with for many years. One that constantly needs reaffirming and re connecting with. How grand life would be if we were simply taught how to love ourselves. Instead we are labelled and have a constant disposition to compare ourselves to others. We can often be our own worst critic and it sucks. I’ve just turned 41 and it took me a really long time to accept my inner goddess and beauty.

Ex partners didn’t necessarily help the cause either. I could sit and blame them for all the inappropriate things that were ever said but that would say more about me than it would them. I stayed in unloving relationships because I simply didn’t love myself enough to walk away. The lessons have been harsh and some have taken me years to unpack and really learn. It sometimes takes me a while.

It was only the other night when I was with a friend, in a public toilet where we decided to have a conversation about beauty. I am sure I looked super attractive in the wee hours of Sunday morning after having had a significant amount of white wine. I am super convinced we would have sounded really rational and coherent (not). My point is that even after all this time stuff still comes up about beauty. I know I am a compassionate, kind and loving person but I was never taught to feel beautiful. I was never called beautiful so when I hear it now I find it difficult to allow myself to hear it. After so many white wines, my beautiful girlfriend allowed me to feel into the crap that I had been burying. Ok so the scene may not have been the most eloquent but you know what, it worked.

So it has taken me such a long time to realise and understand what it means to be beautiful. It is not necessarily about being “pretty”. Anyone can be pretty, instead for me it is about recognising boundaries. Treating myself with kindness and compassion first and foremost, being of service to humanity. It is about not having to adhere or accept untoward actions of another. It is to know that it is not my responsibility but instead theirs to accept their own journey and fate.

So when I sit and write about the affirmation “You are beautiful” there is so much more that what we see, most importantly it is what we feel. It is not just teaching young women to feel beautiful but for all of humanity to feel beautiful within themselves.  Imagine a world where this was possible. If we all felt and lived through beauty what a wonderful world it would be. You are beautiful. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done.Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.

HUGE love