15. Every day is an adventure.


Today I have spent most of the day in bed and nesting around my home. Not because I am sick or because I wanted to pull the doona over my head and wish the day away. Rather the contrary. I got home quite home late last night. I was at a fundraiser and had a night out with my sister and some friends. I danced like a rock star (well I thought so).  So this morning or rather mid-morning when I woke up everything felt sore and sorry. I had to laugh at myself because clearly my body hadn’t moved in that way for a particularly long time. My arms ached and I could barely move them above my head. I am pretty sure this was from the copious amount of times I was waving my arms in the air or fist pumping to Bon Jovi classic song “Living on a Prayer”.

When I read the affirmation for today I have reflected on my very lazy day. Was today an adventure? Did I make very moment count? Well it was an adventure for me as I spent the day resting my body. While I rest I am also able to fill myself back up to keep doing the work that I do.  I watched a movie that made me laugh and have indulged in way too many slices of raisin toast. Ok so I may not have had the most productive day but it was a day that I definitely needed to recoup and reenergise.

One of the main reasons that I love to write is that it gives me the opportunity to learn more about myself but also to inspire and allow myself to dig deep and uncover what I may not possibly be open to otherwise. One of the first aspects that come to my forefront when pondered the statement “every day is an adventure”, I particularly considered war torn countries and all who suffer at the expense of civil unrest. I thought about the lives that are taken from famine and living in 3rd world conditions while I wake up being sore from dancing the night before. First world problems! I know! It doesn’t mean that I have to discount my life and world rather it is about creating awareness about the differences.

Such a huge contrast and injustice in the way lives are led. It doesn’t mean that we have to feel guilty or remorseful for what we have in lives, rather the contrary. I know for me the practise of gratitude is one that is essential to wellness. What it has allowed me to further consider is take a stock take of where I am at and allow my priorities to be considered. This week has been particularly inspiring with connections and synchronicities that have added a rhythm to the dance of my flow. It further allows me to explore the difference we can all make in the world we live.  Every day is an adventure. Blessed be and so it. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.