39. I accept opportunities when they come my way. I feel confident about my future.


I love the timing of the affirmation presented to me today. I am in the middle of transition with my job at the moment with a contract about to finish. I am putting my feelers up to see what it out there and have dabbled in a few applications. Today I received my first official, “thanks but no thanks” email. For the first time ever I was really cool with it. Rather than go into the mode of “Oh no I just got a rejection email” my first thought was oh well clearly that wasn’t meant to be for me right now and the universe has a different door that I am meant to walk through.

So as one door closes I am confident that brand new ones will open and I am really excited. My dad is an extremely funny and no nonsense kind of man. He is a straight shooter and has an opinion about everything. His way is ALWAYS the right way. So the other day when I mentioned to him that I was looking for work as a contract was ending he took an opportunity to tell me that I am always changing jobs, that I never stay in one place and after that I just heard blah blah. Rather than retaliate I had a laugh and said “dad you are absolutely right!” I love change and it means that life is never boring. He still carried on and continued with his story (as he does) and it was a great reminder that life is about perception. I especially love the quote by Dr Wayne Dyer “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” My dad is one of my greatest teachers. He teaches me to be relentless in what I want to achieve and reminds me about patience, acceptance and compassion. There was a time when a conversation such at the one mentioned would have ended in an argument but I acknowledge that there is truth in what he is saying. The difference is I am not seeking his approval, not his nor of anybody else. I love myself enough to know that the only approval that is important is mine.

So for now as I transition to a new phase in my life I have complete trust and faith that doors will open. As I have already witnessed some doors may not open and that it totally cool as well. I approve and love myself for who I am and know that I am worthy of receiving the best possible opportunities that will fulfil my life purpose and passion. So for now it is about learning to surrender, to trust and know that everything will be exactly the way it is meant to. I feel that the path ahead is cleared of all obstacles for an exciting future that is filled with magic and miracles. I accept opportunities that come my way.  I feel confident about my future. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.

Lots of love