I love myself exactly the way I am. I am good enough!


Here we go the good old lesson of loving self. I looked at the affirmation for today and thought “I am really not in the mood to write about loving myself. As I reflected I realised that it was most probably the best thing that I can do.  I am tired and a little grumpy today. I can’t say that I am in a bad mood but possibly not the chirpiest to be around. But you know what I am good enough! It is not about striving to be better it is about accepting that where I am right now .

Right now in Melbourne it is in the middle of winter. I am trying really hard to appreciate all of our glorious seasons but there are times when the cold just doesn’t cut it for me and I want to hibernate like a bear. In fact there are things about being a bear that I find quite appealing. I would be totally happy to let ALL the hairs on my body just grow and I could just lie, sit, eat, sleep and do whatever really. It is perfectly OK to feel any way we choose as long as we don’t unpack and stay there. So for now if feeling like a bear appeals as much to you as it does to me feel it and embrace it. For me this is what it means to love myself exactly the way I am.

Too often in life we consider that the only times that we are lovable is when we feel happy or our lives are filled with joy. Instead for me it is about finding the balance about what life is offering you and to find the gift of the moments and experiences that are offered. Sometimes the gifts are found in the most inopportune ways and you simply sit back and appreciate it for exactly what it is.

I am happily single and happily looking for the perfect life partner. What I do know is that in order for the universe to deliver me the perfect relationship I have to love and embrace all parts of me, even the grumpy and hairy ones. Ok the hairy part may not be so appealing even to me but none the less I still love and accept me exactly the way I am. Too often I hear people complain about their relationship and what the other person is doing or not doing. Little do we sometimes realise that it is what we lack in ourselves that is simply being mirrored to us. I know for me personal responsibility is a huge part of my life and it is something that I value deeply. It doesn’t mean that you never do anything that is out of place rather you are willing to learn and grow from what is being presented. So I can sit here and be like a bear for the night (which is exactly what I plan to do) but personal responsibility prevails and tomorrow is a brand new day. For now I love the grumpy bear within me and I am perfect just the way I am. I love myself exactly the way I am. I am good enough! Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.


With Love