3. My thoughts are my best friends. My inner dialogue is kind and loving.


My thoughts have been far from my best friends today. I woke up annoyed and angry and I can’t say there was any kind and loving dialogue going on. Did I wave a magic wand and automatically think kind and loving thoughts? No not really. Instead I decided to do something constructive with my churning thoughts of anger and clean the house instead. I listened to music, did some laundry and allowed whatever it was that I was feeling to dissipate. It was at this point that I actually did notice the affirmation for today and felt the urge to write. It is pretty simple and easy to have kind and loving dialogue when life is flowing, but there are times that it doesn’t. How do we make our thoughts best friends during this time? I don’t feel it is a simple switch because there is often a process, one that allows you to understand where that feeling came from. The reason you got there or the trigger that sent you there to begin with. It is easy to blame this or that. What I do know is that this vibration only keeps us small and doesn’t allow expansion or growth and we simply stay the same. Sometimes our not so loving and kind thoughts allow us to explore. They can bring us to a point of change or release what no longer serves us. For a long time I believed being angry wasn’t constructive. I also know that it can often be disguised with a myriad of others feelings that perhaps haven’t had the opportunity to present. When we are not in tune with ourselves we don’t have the opportunity to deal with them as they present. So at times when we are triggered the easiest reaction can often be anger and annoyance. I am great at it at times; in fact I am sure if there was an award for it today I would have received it. For me I am still processing for now. Choosing not to sit and dwell in the company of anger and actually allow it to move through my body was something that I could do. Writing is a great tool to get me out of my head and back into my heart. Cleaning and cooking also works, at times and at least at the end of the day I have dinner, lunch for work and brownies baking in the oven. Were my thoughts kind and loving through the process? Not entirely. We can only do what we can at any given time. Even with the biggest toolkit we can still be reminded of the simplicity of just being present in each moment. To simply love what comes up for you at any given time for it is an opportunity to grow. #2020#CREATE#connect2createchange# With a splash of mermaid magic and let unicorns lead your way. HUGE LOVE Sonia xxo