30. I love experiencing every age. I rejoice in each passing year.


I love my birthday. I love everything about it. I love being the centre of attention, (yup you heard right) and I love receiving presents. What I love most is I love celebrating me with people that I love and cherish. Too often in life we get caught up in our age and how quickly time passes. Sure it does. As the old saying goes, the older we get the quicker time does pass. For me personally time does seem to go by at a ridiculous fast paced rate, but it is what we do with that time that makes the most difference. More importantly it is the way we feel and act towards our beautiful self that is the most sacred and important. Our world is simply a reflection of who we are. If we are able to see beauty in ourselves then we can see beauty all around us.

This morning as I plucked the excess hair from my eyebrows, I undeniably noticed the hair on my upper lip glaring back at me with the morning sun. I looked up around my face and noticed the white hair poking around. I rolled my eyes and started to groan at the reflection looking back at me. Then I stopped and caught myself at what I was doing. Sure I need a pluck and a wax but I shouldn’t have to start the day not liking at what I see in the mirror. So as I caught myself about to berate what I saw in the mirror I looked back and saw a beautiful wise woman.  So instead this is what I told myself and even though in that moment I may not have felt it entirely, the thoughts I had instantly shifted to being brighter and lighter.

I caught up with a friend this morning. Soul sisters are the mirrors in our lives and although they cannot pick you up, they sure can extend their hands and help lift you up. They sit by your side, hug you, laugh or cry with you and allow you to believe again when you can’t for yourself.  What came up the most and always does is the way we treat and loves ourselves, especially when there is “stuff” going on in our lives. I know for me in the last month I have not looked after myself nor I have been loving and kind on myself. My thoughts have been reckless and negative and I have chosen to recluse for a little. That is cool as long as I am recognising what it is that I am doing and do not choose to stay there.

So when I read the affirmation for today it was such an awesome reminder about loving me for who I am and all that I can be. To rejoice and celebrate in the magnificence of each year for it is truly a blessing that we have a beating heart. Who gives a F&(*K  if I have hair on my upper lip, eyebrows that need plucking and white hair. I am fabulously me and I love, honour and cherish ALL of me. Some days are tougher than others and that is cool. This is the fabulous learning of life and what joy it is. I love experiencing every age. I rejoice in each passing year. Blessed be and so it is. So it is done. Namaste.


With a sprinkle of fairy dust and may magic follow your day.